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Live in the moment…

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Live the .LIVE!

With live streaming, live videos, live webinars and live online classes becoming the ‘new normal’; you can create a powerful online presence with .LIVE. 

.LIVE has become one of the most sought after TLDs with more and more individuals and brands understanding the need to get online and give their customers the best live experience. From Yoga instructors to musicians, from news websites to educational institutes; everyone is working towards creating a live platform to connect with customers and clients and continue doing business as usual. 

Why Invest in .LIVE?

The .LIVE TLD is synonymous with everything and anything that’s live and lively — news, online events, video streaming, classes, seminars — it thus represents: 

  • Energy
  • Sense of urgency
  • A Call-to-Action 

Interestingly, the word ‘live’ can be perceived in two ways — as in live online events or live a happy life. So, the .LIVE domain extension is perfect for not just people taking over the digital space with live events and streaming but also those promoting the need to live a happy or healthy or balanced life. Furthermore, even the travel and tourism industry can benefit offering reasons why people may want to ‘live’ in a particular place. 

Who Can Benefit from .LIVE?

  • Businesses and individuals who want to offer live services — yoga, music, art, cooking etc. 
  • Businesses and individuals who promote the art of living life a certain way — meditation, nutrition, happiness, mental health etc. 
  • Businesses and individuals who promote travel and tourism to help people live in different cities or countries — immigration, student visas, travel enthusiasts etc. 
  • Businesses or individuals who want to highlight energy or dynamic living — concert organizers, event planners, travel agents, adventure sports, etc. 

Top 3 Reasons to Get a .LIVE Domain 

1. On-Brand

If you or your business is all about the ‘live’ online experience the .LIVE domain is true to your brand and reflects your brand personality. 

2. Call-to-Action

Your .LIVE domain will be the first and most effective call-to-action — right from the start you’re asking people to go live with you. 

3. It Works! 

.LIVE has already worked wonders for established brands and celebrities, you can be the next most sought after .LIVE platform online. Don’t believe me? Check these out:

https://ncov2019.live/ – a website that gives live updates on the Coronavirus statistics

https://lionsgate.live/ – here’s one for the theatre and movie buffs

Go .LIVE with ResellerClub

At ResellerClub we aim to help our customers get the best deals and offers, so they can give the best experience to their customers.

Get the .LIVE domain at just $2.99 (limited time offer!) and take the online world by a storm!

Ready to go .LIVE? 

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