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Remember the days when access to content was simply listening to the radio or reading the morning newspaper? Those were the days when information was primarily consumed via broadcast and press. Times have changed now. The Internet has opened up new avenues, transforming the way we search and consume relevant information. We live in a world where users thrive on the latest information and trends, real-time content is what runs the show. That is why we bring you, .NEWS and .LIVE. The perfect TLDs that empower your customers to deliver timely and relevant information. Let’s talk more about RightSide registry’s domain extensions:


Whom is it for?

A .NEWS domain is for:

  • Bloggers
  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Online news organizations
  • PR departments of various businesses
  • Or anyone with fresh and timely information to share.

Did you know that there are over 222,500 .NEWS domains registered globally? Also, around 107,512 groups & companies are associated with “News” on LinkedIn. (Source – http://rightside.co/)

Why offer .NEWS?

A . NEWS domain can help anyone let their audience in on:

  • Updates
  • Trends
  • Press Releases
  • Reports

Now that you know how a .NEWS can be utilized, let’s talk a little more about .LIVE:


Whom is it for?

With a .LIVE, your customers can share real-time updates and events with their audience. A .LIVE is for:

  • Media broadcasters
  • Artists and performers
  • Sports leagues
  • Or anyone sharing real-time content.

Did you know that there are more than 143,500 .LIVE domains registered as of now globally? Research shows that approximately 500,000 Twitter target audiences are using “Musicians” or “Bands”. (Source – http://rightside.co/)

Why offer .LIVE?

A .LIVE TLD can be blended into one’s online or social presence, for example:

  • Facebook Live
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts


Instantaneous information exchange and a viewer’s need for in-the-moment experiences makes .NEWS and .LIVE a desirable domain to own. With live streaming being the current buzz on social media, a .LIVE or a .NEWS adds value to your customers’ online presence. Don’t miss this opportunity and register these TLDs at an exclusive promo price of just $18.99 $2.99!

Please Note: This offer is applicable on new domain registrations for the first year only and it is valid until 30th June 2017.


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