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It’s been 11 years since .EU came into being and took the market by storm. Since its inception in 2006, .EU has a total of 3,682,255 domain names registered globally till 25th of September 2017 (according to research.domaintools.com). The numbers say it all, it surely is the best way for businesses to get noticed in the European Union. Let’s have a look at why .EU is the way to go for businesses located in the European Union:

It’s not just an address on the web, it enables customers to develop a resilient European presence for their businesses. Here are a few more reasons why .EU is the ideal domain extension for your customers –

  • The TLD helps to associates your customers’ business with the European Union thus, helps them tap into newer markets
  • Helps to identify the European audience
  • Creates a strong European presence for companies
  • Provides competitive advantage to companies based in the European Union

As you can see, .EU has innumerable advantages making it a formidable domain extension to own. Help your customers establish a strong European presence for their business by investing only $7.99 $2.49 this month! For more information regarding our Domain Reseller program, click here.

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