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Reseller Hosting – Now at just $7.99!

The ability to oversell packages on our Reseller Hosting products is a feature request many of you have raised often. Your feedback on RH packages also indicated a clear demand for a more affordable entry point into Reseller Hosting. To address both these requirements, we now offer a brand new Reseller Hosting Plan – R0!

R0 – Key parameters:


This plan will be active only on RH – Linux US servers.


Overselling on R0 – Why and How?

  • Now oversell* disk space and bandwidth to your customers!
  • Boost your hosting revenue by highlighting this competitive advantage in your marketing efforts
  • Set your customer prices and ensure that the new plan is visible on the SuperSite
  • To oversell, configure your customers’ cPanel account with a very highdisk space and/or bandwidth
    *your customers can view a very high disk space and bandwidth 
    limit on their cPanels which can be multiple times the actual 
    limits on your R0 package

Reseller Hosting at an Unbelievable price!

  • At a special promo price of $7.99, you can now enjoy these advantages of Reselling Hosting plan:
    • Greater security with separate cPanel accounts for each domain, allow your clients to access their dedicated cPanel dashboard
    • With each website on its own cPanel account, enjoy a performance spike due to dedicated inode limits, php memory allocation etc. that operate at account level
    • Allow each domain to have SSL certificates, which isn’t possible with a common cPanel for multiple websites
  • Experience greater control and flexibility over your hosting packages

Please Note:

  • With the addition of this new plan, your account will now have 5 active RH plans of which you can display any 4 on the SuperSite. Please select the 4 that you wish to display on your storefront from:
    Settings>> Branding Settings>> SuperSite & PartnerSite>> Launch Customization Panel>>Settings >> Reseller Hosting Plans to display on SuperSite
    We are currently working to modify the SuperSite to allow the display of all 5 plans
  • Due to the R0 being structured differently as compared to the other RH Plans, a one-click upgrade to R1/R2/R3/R4 will not be possible. However, if you have such a need, you can contact us and we will try our best to devise a solution
  • While the number of cPanel accounts on one package is limited to 20, you can set the disk space and bandwidth on the cPanel accounts to a very high value; the cumulative actual usage will be accounted for against the 20GB and 200GB limits of the package

The new plan has already been enabled, and should be visible on your control panel. Get started by setting your selling prices and enabling the plans on display! Make the most of this plan and add an overselling twist to your hosting portfolio!

In case of any queries, please feel free to get in touch with us or leave us a comment below!

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