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As digital marketing undergoes constant evolution, latest developments are taking place frequently. Each day, new development is made in the digital world. To upgrade the website to rank better on search engines, it is essential to remain updated about the latest changes. One such change is the schema-mark-up. 

Schema mark-up is the latest evolution in the Search Engine Optimization technique. Many digital marketing companies consider schema mark-up as the most powerful SEO tool. However, it is not used as frequently. In this article, you will get to know about boosting ranking with the help of schema mark-up. 

Before we proceed, let’s first understand what schema mark-up is and what importance it holds. 

Introduction to schema mark-up and its importance

Schema mark-up is a code that is inserted on a website to make it easier for search engines to find informative results for users. It is a form of microdata, which when added to a webpage creates an enhanced description. 

When you add schema mark-up to your website, you will be able to rank better for different content types. With benefits like increased visibility on the search engine result page and better rankings are to be availed, schema mark-up is very important.

Steps for boosting ranking with schema mark-up

  • Improve click-through-rates with structured data

If you are looking to boost the ranking of your website with the help of schema mark-up, you will have to improve the click-through rate (CTR) of the same. When you increase the click-through rate, you can easily generate a rich snippet, and as a result, you will be ranked better on the search engine result pages. When you include a rich snippet, it improves the search engine experience for the browser.

Here’s an example where Google is showing rating.

The indexing of search results is done with the help of adding stars, inventory and pricing information. All this information is helpful in driving users to your page. If users see that there is a product-in-stock on the website, they are likely to click on the page. When your webpage earns a higher CTR, it is a signal to Google that your page is more relevant for the search and would, therefore, index it higher.

When you want to improve the user behaviour metrics like CTR and dwell time with schema mark-up, you can increase the ranking of your business in search results easily. The reason behind an increase in the ranking is the fact that you are providing the browser exactly with the information they are looking for. This is the reason most of the digital marketing companies these days are using structured data for search engine optimization.

  • Increase the time spent by browsers on your page through structured data

If you want people to stay on your website, go back to search results. The search results convey how users are going to click on specific results and which information is going to be relevant for them. When you are using structured data, which is a standard format to mark-up your data on the website, you will have to provide the browsers with relevant information. 

When users have relevant information regarding their search, they are likely to be more interested in staying on your website. The schema mark-up makes it easier for them to find relevant information about the products on your website. 

Boost search result rankings with schema mark-up

  • Bookmark the structured data tools

There are different structured data testing tools like that help you in creating and testing structured data on your site. 

Through Schema.org, you will be able to find structured data mark-up. With the help of the Structured Data Mark-up Helper, you will be able to create certain types of structured data mark-up. By using Schema.org and Structured Data Mark-up Helper, you will be able to give a unique identity to the webpage on the search engine result page. 

  • Choosing a page for marking-up

Choosing a page for mark-up helps you in listing the content according to the preferences of the browsers. So, the top-selling products will appear first and pages having less valuable content will rank lower. To improve the searchability and indexing, you can even use the Google Analytics tool as well.

Marking-up of the pages will be helpful in listing them according to various factors. The most prominent factors include website traffic and conversions. 

  • Creating the structured data mark-up

Once you are done with creating a list, the next step is to create the structuring of the data in the list. For example, if you are looking for “top-selling shoes” on a website, you will have to filter the shoes according to the preferences, such as colour, size and type of shoes. 

When you are highlighting the structured data, the benefit you get is that it becomes easier to select the information you are looking for. Once you have structured the data, you can test it. Some of the tools that you can use for testing the data include Rich Result Test Tool and Structured Data Mark-up Helper.

Owing to the immense competition on the digital platform, it is extremely important for your website to rank in the initial pages of SERPs to gain sufficient traction. If not, it will get lost in the sea of similar links and web pages. 

Once you are thorough with the types of schema in SEO and the importance of schema mark-up, you are bound to improve your website ranking factors!

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