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We’re excited to announce some upgrades to our VPS SSD product. Until now, our VPS products (SSD plans in US) only supported plan upgrades which included Cores, RAM & Disk combined. With the launch of Block Storage for VPS SSD, you can now simply expand its storage.

What is Block Storage? 

In block storage, each block acts as an individual hard drive. Data is stored here in fixed sizes or blocks. This technology stores data on Storage Area Networks (SAN) or cloud-based storage. These fixed sized blocks (or volumes) are independent of other blocks, even of the primary VPS disk. The data on these blocks can be accessed through a VPS.

One of the advantages of this product is that each volume appears as a separate Mount Point on your server, and hence can be used as a Local Disk (or Additional Disk).

This new Block Storage product by ResellerClub gives you scalability and flexibility to use the storage as per your need.

Features of Block Storage

  • All SSD Block Storage for high performance
  • Highly Available & Remote Storage
  • Choose the Exact Size
  • Use multiple volumes with a VPS
  • Resize existing volumes up to 500 GB with ease (Coming Soon)
  • Move volumes to other VPS under your account (Coming Soon)
  • Persistent Data Availability – detach volumes from the server to retain your data (Coming Soon)

What’s new with this launch?

  • The new Block Storage product is set up and available only with our VPS US (SSD) plans.
  • The product gives you full flexibility just as any IaaS and at the same time a simplified UI ensures that it is fairly easy to understand & manage it for your VPS.
  • The new storage solution is designed for flexibility in terms of size options, scalability and can be used with any VPS order (in the same data centre and under the same customer account).

Here is the comparison of our old Block Storage for VPS & Dedicated (HDD) with the new offering.

NEW Block Storage OLD Block Storage
Product(s) VPS US (SSD) VPS US (HDD)Dedicated US (HDD)
Drive types SSD HDD
Volume Sizes Min. 10GB, Max 500GB (with custom size) 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 GB (fixed sizes)
Ready to use volumes Yes Yes
Size Upgrade Yes No
Life of volumes/data Independent Product (persistent) Addon (based on server order)

Some key notes for the present launch:

  • The new Block Storage is for VPS US (SSD) plans only
  • The Volumes can be purchased only via the order management panel (KB: https://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/node/3307)
  • Each volume is a separate product, with its own lifecycle and hence you will need to renew it accordingly.
  • You can set its price for your customers/sub-resellers by navigating to the VPS price management page
  • Move Service feature is unavailable at the moment

What can you expect next? 

With this storage solution, we hope you make the most of your VPS to host your ever-growing websites/applications. We promise to bring you more on Block Storage and here’s what you can look forward to in upcoming rollouts:

  1. Instant Volume upgrades
  2. Attach or Detach Volumes between VPS’s as needed

FAQs: https://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/node/3311

API documentation: https://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/node/3283

Do check out our Development Category for more such updates & the latest in the web development space.

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