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Names are what define us. Be it your company’s name or something as simple as a pet name. Let’s talk a bit more about how naming came into picture. As language was evolving, so did nomenclature. Nomenclature, which is a systematic approach of using names, helps to us to process and identify individuals or objects. Fields of Science like Botany, Zoology and Astronomy rely on this for studying organisms and interstellar bodies. The same principle can be applied to the world of domain names. With limited options for domain extensions back in the late 90’s, there was a risk of oversaturation of domain names. As more businesses started to get online, there was a desire for newer, fresher domain extensions to avoid this saturation.

The entry of .BIZ brought the perfect TLD for high businesses and establishments, be it small, medium or large! The domain extension associates professionalism, identity, status & seriousness with one’s online presence. .BIZ opened avenues which might not have been available for a commercial enterprise on other generics back then. Let’s have a look at why .BIZ is the perfect TLD for your customers’ businesses.

Why offer .BIZ to your Customers?

No matter what field, nature and scale of work one belongs to, .BIZ is the place for business online! What makes the domain extension so special? It’s short, crisp and helps your customers to show the world that they mean business! The TLD enables your customers to distinguish themselves online and ultimately help their business grow. Here area few important stats about .BIZ that you can see in the infographic below:

.biz tld resellerclub blog 2017

.BIZ is great for:

  • Businesses & Corporates
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Startups
  • Organisations

As you can see, .BIZ’s reputation precedes itself making it one of the most popular TLDs out there! Don’t miss this opportunity and start offering it now! Get this TLD at a fantastic price of just $1.49 this August!

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