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So far, ResellerClub’s Domain pricing strategy was structured around Slabs and Total Receipts. To avail of better Slab pricing on Domains, you needed to increase your Total Receipts. However, as you must be aware, our Domains Pricing structure has been revamped [for the better 🙂 ] recently. So now your Domain Pricing Slab will not only be based on your Total Receipts, but also on the number of Hosting Packages that you sell. Does this mean you can avail of lower pricing on Domains only by reselling Hosting? No, you do not need to resell Hosting Packages to avail of better pricing on Domain Registrations. We are simply providing you with an alternative to Total Receipts, which will help you jump slabs faster. You can now jump to a higher slab without having the required amount of Total Receipts (or funds) in your Account. How? By simply meeting the required target for the number of Hosting Packages.

Let us understand this with the help of an example:

Let’s say your Total Receipts is $800 and you have sold 26 Hosting packages. As per the old pricing structure, you would have fallen under Slab 1 for Domain Registration (till your Total Receipts didn’t reach $1499). The revamped pricing structure, however, will directly push you to Slab 2 at $800 itself, since you have sold more than 25 Hosting Packages.

How does this benefit you? The number of packages required to jump slabs is low, and comparatively easier and quicker to acquire. If you do not have the required finance to fulfill the Total Receipts criteria of a particular Slab, all you need to do is resell a few of Hosting Packages and automatically avail of higher discounts on your Domain Registrations. You could, for example, jump to Slab 1 ($499 Slab) from the Base Slab ($199 Slab) without having to deposit even a cent more than $199, by selling only 10 Hosting Packages! Selling only 50 packages at Slab 1, will enable you to jump to Slab 3 ($2999 Slab) !!

Take a look at our Pricing and start taking advantage of the new structure right away!