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Web Hosting business is on the rise. With more and more people going online, the demand for web hosting is going up significantly. However, big companies cater to thousands of customers, and that limits them from being very agile in terms of customer support. They are reliant on a set system and have to address all problems and queries through that system.

This has given rise to Reseller Hosting – a customized hosting solution, where customers don’t have to pick from a selection of preset, rigid hosting plans. Reseller Hosting is a web hosting business model where the Reseller buys hosting resources from a bigger web host, creates customizable hosting packages and re-sells them to the end-consumers. People are also willing to pay more for quick and efficient customer support. Hosting Resellers are usually small-size businesses that have a manageable number of customers. So, both hosting solutions and customer support can be more personalized and agile.

Customer retention for Reseller Hosting businesses

Like any other business, customer retention is a vital business index for a Reseller Hosting provider. It’s a verdict on your product, customer support, and overall customer experience. Customers who stay for a long time not only pay you for that duration, but they also prove that your business model works. More importantly, they are customers who are happy with your products and services.

Customers are also more likely to recommend your product to others if they’ve been using it for a long time. In a way, they are also your most effective marketing tool. Nothing beats customer recommendations and testimonials when it comes to marketing. So, if you’re a Reseller Hosting provider, you should be paying a lot of attention to customer retention and come up with ways to achieve it. This article is about providing some handy tips for you to do just that.

How to retain customers in a Reseller Hosting business?

1. Customer support

As mentioned earlier, customer support is crucial in the web hosting business and is often the main pain point for customers who choose to take their business elsewhere. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. Hosting, for a lot of people, is quite technical.

An artist wishing to sell their paintings online is not likely to have a lot of expertise when it comes to hosting and maintaining a website. A lot of hand-holding will be needed. People with little knowledge of hosting will have more questions, doubts, and queries.

It falls on the hosting provider to deal with it. The best way to provide excellent customer support is by achieving two goals: number of communication channels, and the efficiency of the support you provide. A Hosting Reseller should offer customers as many ways to reach out to the company as possible. At the very least, a customer should have two modes of communication. 

Then there’s efficiency. Resolving issues within reasonable time-frames is crucial if you want exceptional customer retention. If there will be a  delay, communicate it to the customer well in advance. Open communication is the best strategy here.

2. Solve unrecognized problems

While this might seem like a waste of time, it’s not. If there are problems that a customer is facing, and through your experience and expertise, you happen to know the answer, pass it on to them. It does not have to be limited to hosting. A lot of newbies find websites and their workings a bit too much. So, any help that they get will be appreciated.

The way to do this is by increasing customer engagement. Create an email list and send helpful tips and guides from time to time. Don’t bombard them with emails, though. Also, reach out to your customers, even if there are no complaints. See if you can help them in some way. You can include relevant and helpful blogs and ‘how-to’ articles on your website. Proactive customer outreach is very effective for successful customer engagement.

3. Engage through social media

It’s the age of social media, and irrespective of whether you’re a fan of it or not, people are. So, you have to be there and engage with customers. Keep your customers posted on the latest happenings of the industry.

If you specialize in a niche, then keep your customers posted about significant developments in that niche. Conduct surveys about various aspects of your company. Social media platforms give you real-time, honest feedback from your consumers. It will help you improve processes within the company.

Also, create question-answer sessions on social media where people can bring their queries right to you. It will give you a better idea of the problems that they’re facing. If you can help, do it. 

4. Make it easy for people to pay you

Automation is a blessing for small businesses that have subscription models. Use applications or software that automate payments. These applications will also send timely reminders to customers about their upcoming bills.

Leading web hosting providers offer free WHMCS (WebHost Manager Complete Solutions) with their Reseller Hosting plans. WHMCS is a one-stop-shop solution for automating your customer provisioning, onboarding, billing, invoicing, support, and much more with WHMCS. Look out for a provider that offers pre-bundled WHMCS, so that you can pass on the benefits of seamless billing and payments to your clients.

Also, inform customers about upcoming discounts or offers or things like that. Use social media and emails to communicate this information so that people can add it to their carts right there. The easier it is for people to do this, the more likely it is that they will do it.


Reseller Hosting exists as a viable business model because of the demand for customized hosting solutions. That’s the most crucial part of a Reseller Hosting business — agility. You can offer products to your customers in the exact shape and form that they need it.

Customized solutions might include tailored hosting plans, efficient customer support, a great email marketing strategy, or anything else. But the way to achieve excellent customer retention is by ensuring that you meet your customer’s requirements consistently, by offering what they’re asking for, and then some.

If you want to offer great hosting plans at a great price, you’re going to need a great Reseller Hosting plan to begin. Choosing a great web hosting partner is crucial because you need secure, fast, and reliable hosting. Without that, all the talk of customer retention becomes entirely pointless. ResellerClub is your perfect web hosting partner. We offer Reseller Hosting plans that help you to focus on customer support. Get 24×7 on-call support, free WHM/cPanel, free WHMCS, and unlimited Email accounts for your clients. With our Reseller Hosting plans, great customer retention figures shouldn’t be far away.

To know more about our hosting services, and other updates from the world of hosting head to our Hosting Blogs now.

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