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E-commerce websites are the way to shop these days – a truth that’s been tested and proven time and again. As online shopping grows popular, e-commerce sites are experiencing a huge increase in loyal customers and sales. So, while it makes sense for consumers to buy products online, it also makes equal sense to set up an e-commerce website. You’ll reach a wide market and have fewer operating costs. 

The first step would be to set up your e-commerce website. This is key to your business. However, the process can seem overwhelming or stressful. One of the options to mitigate that stress is through Softaculous. To begin with, let’s look at what Softaculous is?

What is Softaculous?

In a nutshell, Softaculous allows developers, site owners and marketers the chance to install their website applications quickly. This highly efficient automatic script installer works as a library of commercial scripts, which automates the installation of commercial and open-source web applications to a website. These scripts are executed from the administrative area of a control panel like cPanel. Typically, Softaculous applications install software, create tables in the database, modify web server configuration files and handle permissions. There are 2 types – the Free and Pro version. With the free version, 50 applications can be installed, while the Pro version provides 1-step installation of more than 250 applications.

Currently, Softaculous is one of the most popular auto-installers and is offered by many web hosts. You can use Softaculous to automatically build websites or install software and web-based applications, like OpenCart, WordPress and Drupal. With the use of Softaculous, website creation is simple and easy and will help you complete a key component for your e-commerce business.

Now that we’ve answered the question of what Softaculous is, let’s look at some of the top Softaculous E-commerce Apps to facilitate your online business.


Loaded with features and equipped with an all-inclusive management system, WHMCS is a good solution for your e-commerce website. It takes care of all your needs – from start to finish, including billing, management and provisioning. It provides automation that helps you save time, increases your businesses efficiency and offers insights to help you maximise your revenue. Billing and management are two of the biggest benefits with WHMCS, with personal invoices and automated email reminders.


This PHP based e-commerce platform is free. Furthermore, it is a solution for merchants to sell their products quickly and efficiently. With a script created by experts and experienced professionals, AbanteCart is one of the most widely used Softaculous e-commerce scripts. It offers a seamless installation and constant upgrades, doesn’t require the knowledge of programming to be used, is quick, easy to control, secure and up to current industry standards. 


Efficient, robust and simple, OpenCart allows merchants to set up their businesses quickly and efficiently. One can create endless categories, use the simple administration dashboard to manage products, apply advanced user privileges and dictate separate access for different user groups. One admin source in OpenCart also allows you to create multiple stores and manages them via a single admin interface. This feature-rich, search engine friendly application offers more than twenty gateways for payments and is visually appealing. Want to create, scale and expand your business? OpenCart is an efficient solution for all those needs. 


Growing into a genuine competitor in the market, PrestaShop was created to fully take advantage of the Web 2.0 innovations (including next-generation tech and AJAX-powered features). With the help of PrestaShop, you can create product catalogues quickly and efficiently – with unlimited options to create categories and sub-categories. It offers an incredible product image zoom, a customer user and subscription account option, Google checkout module, 1500 templates. It also allows for integration with Amazon Marketplace, Stripe and Google Merchant Centre, making life easier and cutting down on those operational costs. With a huge online community (above 1,000,000 members), PrestaShop offers all kinds of innovative solutions to help you set up your online business.


When it comes to e-commerce software, Magento is at the top of the heap. This open-source web application is one of the most flexible solutions available. This flexibility allows you to customise it according to your needs – perfect for a world where consumer patterns are constantly shifting. Make your landing pages and the content for the products, manage shipping and delivery as you want to, generate a variety of reports – Magento empowers you to do it all. 

Furthermore, the global Magento community is massive – over 150,000 developers. These developers will provide all the information you need to create the perfect e-commerce website. Magento offers great marketing and promotional tools, formats for analytics and reports, SEO and website management tools, a mobile commerce option and simple catalogue browsing and management. 

The only catch? Magento is built for experienced developers. Also, while it is free, you will need to buy a payment processor, security certificate and domain name to keep your website secure and safe.


Want a name to trust? Then osCommerce is the e-commerce software for you. Opensource, osCommerce allows you complete control over your store and your data with a host of add-ons. Furthermore, it has a huge community (288,725) that provides support for it – bear in mind that you will have to pay a small fee to avail this service, but it’s a small price to pay for excellent solutions and support. osCommerce integrates with all kinds of third parties, via its Apps Marketplaces. Integrate with Facebook and Sage Pay and offer your site in different languages. Another advantage of osCommerce is that it isn’t complex – making it perfect for beginners. 

Other Softaculous E-commerce applications you can look at are CubeCart (with its rich e-commerce scripts), Zen Cart (for those with basic website building skills) Lite Cart (lightweight and customisable), Loaded Commerce (offers B2B and wholesale shipping and multiple vendor shipping) WooCommerce (similar to WordPress), Spree Commerce (built with Ruby, lightweight and doesn’t drain your resources) and more. Setting up a website for your online business can be daunting at worst or tedious at best when you handle it manually. ResellerClub offers Softaculous apps installer with their Reseller Hosting plans. Using Softaculous, with our Linux Hosting plans, enables the 1-click installation of over 400 apps and scripts – making your e-commerce dream a reality. Get in touch with us today to unlock the best our Reseller Hosting plans can offer!

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