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The advancing technology and increasing internet usage have opened new avenues for organizations. Businesses now see the possibility of expanding online to grow their companies exponentially. This massive boom in the digital space has led to a phenomenal rise in the hosting industry. New companies are venturing into the hosting space with more modern plans and better rates. The abundance of information ensures that the customer is aware of the technology and does not hesitate to opt for new hosting companies. So, here lies the immense opportunity for you to capture the growing market and increase your hosting business. 

While it may be easier to get new clients, it is tough to manage the entire customer journey. Initially, you may be able to manage your clients using traditional billing methods, but as the number grows, it will become an insurmountable task. You need a hosting billing system that takes care of the complete customer journey cycle so that you can focus on more critical areas of business. There are many billing software on the market that have been created, keeping in mind the needs of hosting businesses. 

Features Required in a Billing Software

Before you decide to purchase any billing software, it is essential for you to understand the features that will be required in the software. For your clients, the software should offer a customisable dashboard to enhance the user experience. Additionally, a client support system allowing the client to access different departments and an in-built chat system will be critical for the overall satisfaction of the client. For your company, features such as reports, forecast reports, multi-project support, and allowing you to contact the support of the billing software will be necessary.

Since the billing software will act as a bridge between your organisation and your clients, it becomes a gold mine of information for marketing services. The billing software should have a built-in referral program, banner setting, and other digital marketing features. Support for multiple themes and multiple languages will only improve the end-user experience. 

Let us look at some of the best hosting billing software available on the market that you can use. 

  1. WHMCS: What is WHMCS? This is a question resellers rarely ask. It is probably the most widely used commercial hosting billing software amongst the hosting, domain registrars, and other similar business entities thanks to its compatible application integrations, local and remote APIs, flexibility, and extendibility. It has a robust billing option, including tax support, free offers, invoice generation, and one-time as well as recurring billing. It provides extensive reports along with the option to print the reports across multiple file-formats. 

    The software also provides ten language translations. It covers everything right from onboarding to termination along the customer journey. You also get standard email support round the clock for any problem that you might face. Business licenses come with priority support for faster resolution. WHMCS provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their licenses. 

  1. Blesta: This commercial billing software is perfect for developers and champions of open source. Blesta features a well-written code which is nearly open-source except for a few files that are encoded to protect the license information. It allows you to completely customize the interface, including billing overview, client profile, and even your dashboard. The platform allows integration of control panel, virtual servers, domain registry, and other licenses. This billing software also provides an extensive knowledge base to help you resolve your queries quickly. 
  2. ClientExec: This is one of the best hosting billing software currently available in the market. ClientExec offers taxation customization, 15+ options for payment gateways, and an in-built live chat. It allows developers to connect to third-party applications via ClientExec REST API. It provides you with insights in revenue growth, basic reporting of income, and incoming clients. The software also integrates with popular web panels such as Interworx, cPanel, and ISPmanager. It also comes with an easy-to-use administrative end and a clean UI. You can either lease it for $12 a month or pay a one-time fee of $499 for a year followed by $50 every subsequent year. 
  3. Boxbilling: Boxbilling is primarily built for sales to be sued by companies involved in the business of Shared & Reseller Hosting, software licensures, domain registry, and other similar downloadable product sales. The premium version brings additional features, such as support invoicing, automated billing, and product provisioning. It also supports multiple currencies enabling you to manage clients across continents with ease. It allows you to suspend accounts when the payment is overdue, or the subscription tenure passes. There is also an extensive knowledge base apart from the helpdesk to resolve your queries.
  4. HostBill: HostBill is commercial billing software that can be used by a newly started venture to a well-established large institution. You get a range of features such as invoices, SSL, hosting integrations, apps & extensions, and over 90 payment gateways. There are four different packages available with a 30-days money-back guarantee on every plan. The license also comes with lifetime validity, which makes it cost-effective over the long run. HostBill also allows your clients to manage all their services from a single touchpoint. 

So, which hosting billing software should you use? All the software mentioned above will serve the primary purpose of billing, but each will differ in terms of features that they offer. WHMCS is a user-friendly and simple software which is suited for most companies; on the other hand, Boxbilling can be effective in managing your sales too. It will completely depend on your requirement in terms of functionality and your company budget.

We, at ResellerClub, offer Reseller Hosting plans along with WHMCS and additional RC Modules that help you manage it all, from billing and provisioning to customer management. The fully customizable modules can be built upon your existing WHMCS for simplifying the management and provisioning of our Reseller Hosting plans. If you have any queries or suggestions, kindly add them in the comments below.

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