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Your e-commerce business is eager to process more orders. However, the competition is tough, and every player is trying to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of their niche audience. Of course, you’re looking for a way to gain some competitive advantage. The solution? Work smarter by leveraging the best e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

Every WordPress user can effectively optimize his/her platform regardless of their designing or web development experience thanks to amazing customized features called WordPress plugins.

These tools, that basically serve as critical resources for e-commerce websites, can change the face of your business. If you’re looking for better solutions for your e-store in 2018, you’ve landed on the right page.

In today’s post, I’ll cover the best e-commerce plugins for WordPress that can provide solutions for e-commerce professionals who are looking for a quick and steady growth. However, before I dive into that, I want you to clearly acknowledge the benefits of having an e-commerce website that acts as an intermediary between your future clients and your e-commerce business.

The Benefits of an E-commerce Website

If you’re not exactly sure why an e-commerce website is necessary for the expansion of your business, here are the primary reasons that will probably trigger your interest:

  1. You’re making your clients’ ordering process more accessible. A domain, a shared or reseller hosting service, which costs a few dollars per month, or perhaps a WordPress Hosting that’ll make your life easier. Compared to a physical space, that’s a really fair price. When people buy something once, they’ll know where to return as long as the previous buying experience was satisfying.
  2. By developing a professional e-commerce website, you’ll improve your brand reputation and look like a real pro. Your prospects will trust you more so their barriers to purchase will disappear.
  3. You can scale your activities and turn into a global brand. Gaining additional traffic, unlike attracting physical customers to your store, is a more flexible and reliable process. Digital marketing isn’t as complicated as it looks – you have to establish the right target audience and market your products well by emphasizing the benefits and the solutions they can bring.
  4. An e-commerce website that runs on WordPress gives you full control over your business promotion and sales process.
  5. You can analyze your customers’ behavior, collect useful feedback, and use it to improve the experience of your future prospects. In time, your optimized brand will be able to scale its operations online and bring additional revenues.
  6. Let’s be honest – every big brand is now present on both Google and on the main social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc.). You must be present too, and you’ve got to give a great first impression to your unique online visitors.

Now let’s figure out which e-commerce plugin suits your business needs the best and see how you can effectively leverage it to improve your long-term revenue performance.

  1. MemberPress
    MemberPress is a successful plugin that allows you to offer subscription-based services or digital products on your WordPress site. Simply put, if you’re selling something and demanding a recurring payment, MemberPress helps you do that by providing a simple-to-use interface that charges your visitors securely.Features:

    1. This plugin has been live since 2011 and offers great access rules, which allows you to personalize the permissions of more segments of users and easily create content restrictions based on more criteria
    2. The Basic plan includes over 20 features and add-on integrations, 1-year support and included updates, and allows you to sell unlimited subscriptions
    3. The customizable registration form is extremely user-friendly, helping you create high-converting squeeze pages
    4. Integrated automated emails – keep your list updated with your content & product updates
    5. MemberPress offers Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French translations (included). However, if you want to translate and implement a different language, you can do so


  2. LemonStand

    LemonStand is an e-commerce platform that allows users to develop their own highly-personalized e-commerce stores. Their mission is to help growing retail brands and subscription-based businesses create exceptional digital stores that truly sell.Haley Merlo, CEO at Assignment Geek Essay Services, describes this tool in an enthusiastic manner: “LemonStand is a plugin that allows you to design your user’s experience the way you want by giving you simple yet effective front-end development features and tools. It also includes built-in features that allow you to sell products and recurring subscriptions without having to use an external app. There’s nothing more that a newbie can hope for!”Features:

    1. LemonStand has been offering top-notch quality since 2016 when they effectively entered this niche market.
    2. The plugin is accessible even to the most newbie designers. LemonStand’s easy-to-use features allow you to shape your brand’s design, copy, and unique value proposition
    3. Customizable checkouts and several free open source themes available to premium members
    4. LemonStand offers 95+ payment gateways like Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Paypal, etc.
    5. It comes with an awesome customer support that does everything to help you in a matter of minutes. Also, they have a strong social community that’s eager to help

    If you’re new to e-commerce, LemonStand should be a great e-commerce plugin for your website!

  3. Easy Digital Downloads
    This is a useful plugin that encourages you to “say hello” to the simplest method of selling and distributing digital products with WordPress.If your business deals only with online products, Easy Digital Downloads can offer you all the features you could possibly use to sell easily and effectively.

    1. This plugin has been live since early 2014. It comes with a full shopping cart, allowing your prospects to buy multiple products at once.
    2. Allows you to easily create discount codes and promotions for your customers
    3. Restricted to authorized access to subscribers/customers only, with the option of establishing download limits and link expirations
    4. It features a customer account dashboard page – so only your customers are able to access content/products
    5. Analysis features – everything you need to know about the selling performance of your products
    6. Detailed bookkeeping – you get regular reports of the most important data in the shape of easy-to-read reports
  4. WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is yet another effective all-in-one solution that many e-commerce store owners leverage. Interestingly, WooCommerce has been acquired by the owners behind WordPress, so the two platforms blend extremely well.It’s one of the most recommended e-commerce solutions for WordPress site owners because the features and options in it are exceeding everyone’s expectations.Perceive WooCommerce like the most comprehensive resource that you’ll want to access in order to personalize your web store.


    1. WooCommerce has been up and running since early 2012.
    2. It provides a huge number of extensions and themes that WooCommerce users can get access to
    3. You can sell both digital and physical products with much ease, without handling the technicalities of e-commerce selling
    4. You can sell other people’s products through your own e-commerce site
    5. It offers a complete inventory management
    6. Offers all the popular payment gateways and options
    7. It provides a comprehensive documentation and a reliable customer support service

      These were just some of the main features, but to see their entire value proposition, you have to become a member. The value proposition of this e-commerce plugin is huge, and it’s truly worth giving a shot.
  5. MarketpressMarketpress is one of the oldest yet most reliable WordPress plugins that serves the needs of e-commerce businesses. Using this tool, you can sell everything from physical goods to online products of all sizes and shapes. You can personalize your users’ experience by delivering product variations and personalized downloads, all from a simple and efficient digital marketplace.A big benefit of Marketpress is the fact that besides the fact that it offers great applicability, it is also free.


    1. Marketpress has been launched in 2014. It features 15 payment gateways and 120 currencies.
    2. You can sell digital goods, as well as, customize single-page checkouts.
    3. It comes with a built-in wizard. Also, you don’t have to worry about VAT and Tax because they come ready.
    4. You can implement social media share buttons, coupons and features pricing. Also. you can test infinite product variations.If you can’t afford a premium e-commerce plugin, Marketpress is surely the best solution you can aim to automate and improve your e-commerce business activities.


The performance of your e-commerce business is always influenced by your ability to manage your resources. As you know, WordPress plugins serve as great helpers for anyone who’s eager to indulge in their solutions. Check out the before mentioned plugins as they are the best e-commerce plugins for WordPress and select one or two to test. Once you find a tool that completes or automates your daily work schedule, you’ll be thankful and eager to seek new ones. Good luck!


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