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Do you have multiple domains at different registrars? Well, it may so happen that you have registered for multiple domain names and chances are that your website designer might have recommended a different registrar for different sites. If it is so, then these domain names would have got distributed across different registrars. The problem arises when they are due for renewal at different times in a year at different prices. What’s worse is that you have to recall the user ID and password for each of these domains.

The solution – consolidate your Web hosting and domain management into one place. Why? Well, it helps businesses cut down on the cost of IT management by doing away with the need of multiple servers, desktops and network infrastructures. It can protect the domain names from being hijacked and saves you a lot of time and money. Domain consolidation makes it easy for you to manage multiple domains with the help of integrated monitoring tools that allow you update and renew them on time, effortlessly.

How to Consolidate?

Today, the domain registration business is open to competition. This makes it possible for domain owners like you to transfer your domains to a new registrar of your choice. Switching to a new registrar requires no technical knowledge and involves no downtime, making it a hassle-free process.

So, don’t wait until your domain expires in order to transfer it. When you transfer a domain name, the current expiry date gets extended to another year.  Simply submit a domain transfer request to a registrar of your choice and get going.

Benefits of Consolidating Your Hosting and Domain Business:

  • Peace of Mind: Usually, domains are lost due to inaccuracy in information and fallacious transfers. If you haven’t updated your contacts details, you might not receive renewal updates. In rare cases, you’d remain unaware of unauthorized alterations to your domain. If your registrar does not provide you with optimum safety procedures, your domains could be at risk. Consolidating your list of domain lets you conveniently oversee your names at a glance. Besides, it can help you do away with possible risks which could cause domains to get hijacked or deleted.
  • Convenience: Most registrars have started providing with advanced features intended to manage multiple domain names. You can now have a master account that will list all your domain names at a single place sorted according to the expiration date. Once they are consolidated, you don’t have to worry about managing each of them separately. In fact, you can select some or all of them to be automatically renewed on an annual basis.
  • Price and Features: Domains today are available at affordable rates. If you registered some at very expensive rates, consolidating them with a lower-cost registrar can save you a lot of money. These days, registrars have started offering many features and add-ons for free, that used to be expensive earlier. It is most likely that you can save more once you switch to a single registrar that provides better services for all your domains.

Consolidating, thus, is a convenient way to protect your domain names from unplanned expiration and unauthorized transfer – which save time as well as money. While consolidating the names, make sure you pick a registrar who caters to all your requirements and offers you with specialist tools you need to manage your domains.

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