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Your new business is shaped by many considerations and factors. One of the most important factors is email. As recent as the beginning of 2019, there were an estimated 3.8 billion email accounts in the world. That’s half the earth’s population. As a marketing tool for businesses, it has incredible potential. And yet, for many who start out their businesses, free email seems the way to go. To be fair, for small businesses, free email providers allow you to use their platforms for no cost. That cost-advantage, though, pales in comparison to the many benefits of Business Email Hosting.

First, let’s look at what Email Hosting is. Email Hosting is a service where you can send, receive and store your emails on a server provided by a hosting company. Not only does that offer features like greater storage, mobile sync, auto-responders, calendars and security, but you can also upgrade from having a basic email ID to something more customised, like having an email ID with a personalized domain name. 

So, let’s break down the different ways in which Email Hosting can truly benefit your business.

A Domain Name Means Trust: 

In order to attract and retain your customers, they need to recognise you. For that, you need all your email communication to be linked to your brand/business. Incorporating your domain will not only look more professional but will also solidify your brand identity. Having your domain name on your email ID builds trust and creates an impression of authority and expertise. Your customers are far less likely to trust the opinion of an email on your business or your industry from a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Staying Secure: 

Free email providers do cut costs on your budget, but they also don’t provide the level of security you require. Email Hosting services keep your valuable emails safe from online threats. Features like advanced anti-virus like ClamAV and spam protection spare your customers from being flooded by spam or open to any attacks. Your emails will be encrypted, preventing them from being read or intercepted by outside parties. 

Furthermore, your Business Email Hosting is built on cloud application interfaces like OX, allowing you to seamlessly sync all of your email accounts across all devices through IMAP, POP3 and webmail services. If any issues do arise, your hosting providers will offer dedicated assistance from professionals to handle any Business Email Hosting requirements.

Increased Storage:

One of the biggest problems most businesses face with free Email Hosting is storage. Unlike your personal email ID, you’re not likely to delete too many emails, especially if they contain sensitive information. Business Email Hosting solves this problem very efficiently; they simply offer up more storage. Email Hosting providers can offer 5 GB of space (along with additional storage for a small cost) on top-of-the-line storage devices and 99% uptime. What’s more, good Email Hosting providers will ensure that their storage architecture remains robust so that your email remains safe and accessible. Uptime is crucial for a new and thriving business, as it boosts your customer service as well as internal team communications. With good uptime, you can be sure that vital information isn’t delayed or lost and that any issues can be sorted quickly and efficiently.

Connecting all email IDs: 

It is highly unlikely that your business will simply use one email address for everything. You will require customer service emails, separate staff emails as well as other information emails. Email Hosting allows you to do so, making it a scalable and flexible option for your business. 

Mobile Access: 

Customers consume content on the go. A recent study by Campaign Monitor discovered that mobile users open more than half the emails sent by businesses. That means mobile access allows your customer to make purchasing decisions or engage with your brand on their devices. Business Hosting plans with IMAP allow your customers or target audience to connect their default app on Windows, Android and iPhone. 

Automated Responses: 

This program allows you to create an automatic email response when an email is received in your inbox. A feature like this can ensure that leads can be nurtured into customers. After that, you can follow up with your customers (or prospective ones) with insightful, interesting emails that will keep them engaged with your brand and business.


A great way to gather feedback about your brand/business/ product is to reach out to your customers. A simple but professional email asking “what can we do to make your experience better” not only allows you to engage with your audience but will often yield great feedback to help your business grow and evolve.

Attracts website visitors: 

Email marketing is a key piece of your promotional and marketing strategy. With smart and interesting email marketing campaigns, you can increase the interest of your customers, prompting them to click on the website (which is included in your promotional emails) in order to find out more.


This point does contradict the first point in this article. After all, what could be more cost-effective than free? Well, as your business grows, you may need more than a free email service can provide. Doing this on your own – handling your own Email Hosting – is quite expensive. You will need to buy a server and hire staff to manage and update the server. Between all these costs, it might be a far more prudent choice to outsource your email requirements to a hosting provider. They will offer professional expertise and help, along with greater security, uptime and scalability as you continue to grow. 

So, if you’re considering opting for Email Hosting, check out Business Email Hosting solutions from ResellerClub. This flexible plan offers great storage, sleek webmail, customised domain name, mobile sync, autoresponders, advanced calendars, anti-virus protection, branded SSL, 99.9% uptime and robust customer support that is available 24×7. 

Moreover, all these great features and services are built on a state-of-the-art architecture that helps you nurture and grow your business in a safe, secure and reliable way. 

Visit our website to find out more about our Email Hosting plans.

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