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If you’re a new business (or even an established one), you may not have realised that you wield a powerful tool in the form of Business Email. 

Email is an incredibly important method of communication, and on top of that, it is also a fast, affordable and easily accessible resource. By opting for Business Email Hosting with a hosting service provider, you can see your business grow by leaps and bounds. This option brings many advantages to your business, particularly when it comes to client communication and conversion. First, though, let’s look at what Email Hosting and Business Email Hosting is.

What is Business Email Hosting?

Business Email Hosting is a professional email service that you can use to promote and build your organisation’s brand. Email Hosting is a service where hosting providers rent out email servers to their users. The server manages all the data in the capacity of sent and received emails. The email account will correspond with the domain name of your brand (e.g. customersupport@yourdomainname.com), as opposed to a generic email account from Yahoo or Gmail. Once your address has been established, emails will be sent and received on the server.

Benefits of Business Emails for Enhanced Client Communications

Business Email Hosting can help you establish a recognisable brand identity and build awareness amongst your client/customer base. It is a mark of professionalism and can build trust in your brand. So, let’s look further into how Business Email Hosting can help you with your clients or target audience.

  • Builds Trust: To bring in clients and (more importantly) retain them, the first step is to build their trust with your brand. When they sign up to receive emails from your organisation, seeing your brand in the ID lets them know that your business can be taken seriously. By choosing a free email service like Yahoo or Gmail, you undercut that trust as your brand communication won’t be as easily recognisable. This can hinder your brand exposure and reputation for your clients, who may not take your services very seriously. Having your domain name in the ID adds a sense of professionalism to your enterprise.
  • Keeps clients updated: By employing marketing tactics like a regular newsletter, emailers and more, you can keep your clients and customers up to date with new products and services, company milestones and new offers. By allowing them to join a subscriber list, you provide them with a steady stream of information to keep them engaged, interested and up to date. Make sure that your Business Email Hosting provider allows you to create mailing lists, to add and delete users, select a moderator and even restrict/ ban people from joining a mailing list.
  • Responses build relationships: When clients or customers engage with your business, you want to ensure that the communication stays steady and consistent. Are you able to respond quickly (ideally in less than 24 hours)? Leaving emails unanswered for long periods of time doesn’t bode well for your business. 

However, Business Email Hosting can help with that. First, make sure your provider offers you good uptime (99.99%), backed by strong infrastructure and top-of-the-line hardware. That way, you can always access your email and respond on time. 

Secondly, make sure that your hosting provider offers mobile access. Business Email Hosting with IMAP will allow your customers to connect their default app on their phones (iPhone, Android or Windows). This means your emails will always be accessible, even when you’re out of the office and on the go. 

Finally, ensure that you have the option of auto-responses. This incredible feature sends out instant, pre-written emails to your recipients when an email lands in your inbox. So, even when you can’t access your emails, your clients won’t be left hanging. These features help you build a sense of reliability, which can help retain new clients. Your prompt response will show them that their issues or concerns are valid to you.

  • Security: In every business, there will be a certain level of sensitive data exchanged between you and your clients. By opting for a professional Email Hosting service, you have access to servers that are bolstered by industry-level encryption. This ensures that the data that is sent and received stays encrypted no matter where you log in from. Furthermore, usernames and passwords are well encrypted when they are sent from the client to the server. You should ensure that your hosting provider offers key features like spam protection, advanced antivirus so that emails remain protected from online attacks, junk mails and other problems.
  • Address Book: As your business grows, so will your client list and contacts. The address book – another smart feature from hosting providers – is a convenient way to both store and recover your contacts with ease. Email Hosting providers will offer you shared and public address books.
  • Cost: While free email services offer you email for nothing, Business Email Hosting entails paying a small fee to the hosting service provider. However, this cost is balanced out by the many other advantages Business Email Hosting brings. You get to use private-labelled services (hence building trust and brand identity with your clients), your mail is secure, and you get mobile access. With 99.9% uptime, you can reply to emails instantly. Downtime could result in emails being lost or delays in response, which could damage your reputation with your clients. All of these advantages balance out the cost of paying for Business Email Hosting. Furthermore, a good hosting provider will provide round-the-clock support for any issues that rear their heads. That way, you won’t be left to sort things out on your own. For all those advantages, Business Email Hosting turns out to be a cost-effective solution to initiate communication and build relationships with your clients.

So, if you’re looking for a good Business Email Hosting provider, make sure they provide a range of features. 

ResellerClub provides 5 GB of storage (as well as additional storage, if you require it), 360-degree email synchronisation, calendars, antivirus (ClamAV) protection, branded SSL, device-agnostic access to emails, 24×7 support and more with our Business Email Hosting plans. What’s more, you’re also opting for a well-reputed hosting service provider known for impeccable services, state of the art architecture, in-depth technical assistance and expertise, flexible plans, great performance, robust security and more. 

So, start building conversations and relationships with your business clients today and watch as your business, and its future continues to grow.

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