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I was speaking the other day to a bunch of folks from various Registries about some of my observations about Registrars, and thought I’d share them with you.

We were discussing ‘101’ stuff like growth in volumes and tapping in to emerging markets (we’re based out of India and totally relate to the impact emerging markets can have).

Something that stood out at that time was the largest players/Registrars in the world.

  • The top 10 today, are all based out of either USA, Canada or Europe
  • Their rank and total number of domains suggests that they are well known internationally across every large or growing market
  • It would seem that they are the largest in every single market possible

The reality, in my opinion, is slightly different. Each one of these Registrars is only as large as its local market. Before I go ahead, I’d like to shamelessly thank one of our sister concerns – http://webhosting.info which actually helped me figure this out so clearly.

Without digressing further, if you dive in to statistics of how many domains each one of these biggies have across each country, you’ll realize that more than 80% of the domains of any of these Registrars come from their local markets. Hence most of the largest are from America and Europe (except for us – and we too have these markets to thank for pushing us up).

In fact, the largest players in all the growing markets (Brazil, Russia, China, India, etc.) are local giants as well – but because these markets are not as big as the US or Europe – they don’t really show up at all the right places.

So my concern for the most part is – we’re only going to grow as long as our market does, and that too isn’t guaranteed with all intense competition in this sphere.

So it comes down to the question – how do we make sure that we continue growing as well as power the millions of Domains that we already do?

I think the answer lies in understanding that:

  • English is not the only language
  • The US $ is not the only currency
  • The largest in the world are not necessarily your only competition
  • Being a global or local player on the internet does not spell anything different
  • The real value is in being a large local player in multiple markets

I believe ResellerClub gets this. Over the last year, we have spent an extraordinary amount of time in researching interesting markets and its players, restructuring the way our platform allows us to sell, translating all our interfaces into multiple languages, integrating several different payment gateways, hiring people in the USA, UK, China, Russia, Spain, Brazil and a few other places, and working towards building ResellerClub Programs that are tailor-made for the following markets:


I am convinced that the value that comes out of these initiatives is tremendous for all our Resellers. We plan to aggressively continue our localization efforts to service as many countries as possible with the kind of tools that they demand !

If you have any feedback on this, do let me know in your comments or you can even email me directly at Shridhar(dot)l(at)resellerclub(dot)com.

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