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Being relevant on the Internet today is of utmost importance for many brands. There’s one domain extension that will help and that is the .TODAY domain extension. Think of how often we use the word ‘today’ in our daily lives – be it in spoken word, in Google searches, in our emails, on Whatsapp chats… everywhere. My most recent ‘today’ sentences are:

Google searches: COVID-19 cases worldwide today, Today’s news

Email: Hi there, we will receive the payment today

Spoken word: We have a meeting today to discuss the marketing campaign


The word ‘today’ conveys the present, the here and now, the immediate. It’s fresh, relevant, and current. The .TODAY domain extension is just that. It’s a perfect fit to convey relevancy. It is also highly memorable and unique. With a .TODAY, you’re letting the world know that you’re focused on the right now.

For journalists, news sites, bloggers, weather reporters, .TODAY conveys that your information is up-to-date and is the latest!

Additionally, .TODAY pairs great with any verb – buy.today, getgroceries.today, buildawebsite.today. See? 

Who is .TODAY for?

.TODAY is ideal for:

  • News sites & portals
  • Event sites
  • Counters & tracker websites
  • Entertainment sites
  • Sale & promotion sites
  • Just about anyone

Popular Brands on a .TODAY extension

We hope you register this domain name TODAY (see what I did there ;)) and make the most of it! Login & set prices!

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