wordpress latest version

Features of the latest WordPress Version 4.9.5 – Explained

A recent survey conducted by hashedout, revealed that 49% of the biggest websites built with WordPress are not running WordPress’ latest version. As the most popular CMS in the world with over 60 million users or 30% of websites running the script, it is a huge target for several cyber threats (source-wordpress.org) WordPress version releases: 2018 marks 15 years since WordPress was first introduced to the world. It has undergone quite a transformation since then. As an open-source software, its features are continuously supported and updated by WordPress developers all over the world. Once a bug, issue or change request […]

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what is the difference between pop3 and imap

POP3 vs IMAP – What’s the right option for your business?

Instant messaging has done nothing to stall the importance of email for both personal and business use today. We use email often enough, if not everyday. Do we really understand how it works and which email setup will work best for our business? Let’s investigate that and in particular I’d like to address the difference between POP3 and IMAP. First, the basics. While I won’t bore you with the history of email, there are a few important terms that you need to know to get the most value from email for your business.   Email terminology you should know: Email […]

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MongoDB vs. MySQL

MongoDB vs MySQL : Understanding the difference

In this blog on the ‘MongoDB vs MySQL comparison’, I’ll break down database jargon to explain the difference between the newer system and the legacy that is MySQL. While a lot of the terms associated with this topic might be familiar to many web professionals out there, I’m laying it all out to help those who could do without the techspeak. So let’s get started! MySQL and MongoDB are ‘database management systems’. To really understand the difference, let’s first look at what a database is: What are databases? Databases are applications that store collections of data, organised in a certain […]

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The 7 best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

We love making life easier for our web pro audience. Like most of the world, most web developers use Google Chrome for work (Google Chrome by various reports holds close to 60% of the browser market share). So we’ve put together a short list of what we think are the best Chrome extensions for web developers. While you would have probably heard of a few of these popular ones in the list, we’ve dug deeper and pulled out a few potential gems. First, while we’re sure you’ve heard of extensions before– can you really explain what they are? Extensions are […]

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How to customize or change a theme in WordPress

With thousands of free and premium themes available online, why would someone want to put in the work to customize their WordPress theme? Also, how easy is it to change a  theme in WordPress entirely? Let’s find out. How to change a theme in WordPress : As you will see below, changing a theme in WordPress  involves just just a few clicks. However, repairing the damage done post a change that was not thought through, may not be easy at all. Here are a few things to keep in mind before / after changing your WordPress theme: Test your website […]

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The Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting

When you set out to buy your first web hosting package, you will not only need to choose the type of hosting package for your website but (in some cases) also the infrastructure-namely, a Linux or Windows server. In this blog, we’ll cover: How knowing the difference between Linux and Windows hosting will help you What the difference between Linux and Windows hosting is What type of infrastructure you should pick —— Why it’s important to know the difference between Linux and Windows hosting: The choice between Linux and Windows servers will affect : How you interact with the hosting […]

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How to delete a WordPress blog

We leave several digital footprints all over our shared online world today. Any action you put forth in the online world, quite literally lasts forever and can almost always be found by a good search engine. Does this apply to a blog? Websites that you delete are often cached by search engines for long periods of time. I’ll take a guess and say that you most likely have a WordPress website or blog. Close to 30% of the internet uses WordPress so I’m sure my guess is not far off the mark. Can you delete a WordPress blog? The answer […]

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How to install WordPress plugins

If you are ready to set up your first website and feel a little overwhelmed with how to get started, this blog post is for you. One of the easiest ways to set up your own website is to use the most popular content management system in the world – WordPress. Setting up a WordPress website is easy.  Once you have set up your WordPress website, you will find that the platform offers various ways to add tons of functionality to your website without you having to code. WordPress does this through software components called ‘plugins’. A plugin lets you […]

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