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Simran Talreja

Simran is a Product Manager at Enduance International Group.
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You wake up one morning and get started on your daily chores of pouring over your e-mail only to discover that your inbox has been flooded with angry emails from irate customers, complaining about how your business has failed to deliver. It’s bad enough to wake up to something so troubling, but its even worse to not have a clue as to what went wrong! This is the recent story of a small business…

Do more with your SuperSite2 We’re constantly working on delivering a superior SuperSite experience to you and your Customers. In our latest sprints, we have focused on increasing functionality, improving UX and design, as well as boosting performance. These changes will be effective on your Supersite 2 starting 6 Feb 2014. Display Prices in your Customer’s Local Currency Localize the experience for your global audience! You can now choose to auto-detect your Customer’s location in order…

For the past 2 months, our Control Panel team has been busy building an all-new Dashboard for our Resellers. Today, after countless iterations, designing, re-designing, coding, testing and bug-fixing into the wee hours of the morning, I am extremely happy to present to you a fresh, and rethought Dashboard for your Control Panel. With this Dashboard we have optimized the home screen to provide essential data as well as crucial features that are used most…