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WordPress Lite is now Live on ResellerClub!

Hey folks! We’re proud to announce yet another addition to the ResellerClub marketplace! Introducing WordPress Lite now on live on ResellerClub – a simple, powerful & complete solution for WordPress websites! Let’s have a look at the plans below: If you have any questions regarding WordPress Hosting, you can refer to our FAQs here. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.  

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ResellerClub is proud to partner with Radix to present F3.space

Over the years, we at ResellerClub have strived to become a one-stop-shop catering to web professionals who build websites for customers wanting a meaningful web presence. We are proud to present F3.space – the Web Design contest powered by the Radix Registry. Over a year ago, we at ResellerClub ran SiteWars, a contest for Web Designers and Developers to recognize and encourage the best talent. Our friends at Radix now have a similar contest and we strongly recommend that all you fabulous Web Designers submit your entries! Here are some design insights from the experts at F3.space, to get your […]

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Go with the .CO this November!

The .CO domain extension signifies multitudes. ”.CO is Short, SEO-friendly, and Global.” It’s a fairly intuitive TLD owing to the fact that it can be linked to a variety of words such as Collaborate, Company, Collection etc. It’s more than just an ending after the dot, it’s an identity and a status quo for an individual’s online presence. As you already know, .CO turned 7 this July. Over these 7 years, .CO has become a preferred TLD to use. Let’s talk more about why .CO is for your customers. Why use .CO? .CO isn’t just a web address – it […]

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New gTLD Report – October 2017

The new gTLD standings are for October are here, and once again .TOP has taken the fair share of new gTLD adds for the month. .XYZ &  .GDN continue to be a part of our top 5 domain extensions while .SITE moves up the ladder from the 15th to the 4th spot. As usual, Radix TLDs persistently form a part of our monthly new gTLD reports. We have 2 new entrants for October – .LIFE and .PROMO. To know more on how the rest of the new gTLDs have fared, kindly have a look at the infographic below: New gTLD […]

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Last stop – Ctrl+F5 Ahmedabad!

Early this year, we kickstarted our Ctrl+F5 series for 2017 in Chennai with speakers from Google, FoxyMoron and several other thought leaders in the digital world. As promised, we delivered power-packed speaker sessions to a generous crowd so far. Gauging by the unprecedented response we received from our attendees, we would love to extend our tour. Unfortunately, Ctrl+F5 Ahmedabad is our last stop for the year. We at ResellerClub undoubtedly want to make this summit our best so far. So don’t miss the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the best minds in design and development! Let’s have […]

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New gTLD Report – September 2017

Hey folks the new gTLD count for the last month of the 3rd quarter is finally out. .TOP continues to remain number 1 for September as well. .CLUB and .XYZ interchange positions and stand at number 2 and 3 respectively. .MEN, which was 4th in our list last month has moved to the 14th spot for September. .GDN has taken 4th place while we have a new entrant for this month’s report – .JETZT. To know more on how the rest of the new gTLDs have fared, kindly have a look at the infographic below: New gTLD Report – September […]

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Bridge borders with a .EU domain

It’s been 11 years since .EU came into being and took the market by storm. Since its inception in 2006, .EU has a total of 3,682,255 domain names registered globally till 25th of September 2017 (according to research.domaintools.com). The numbers say it all, it surely is the best way for businesses to get noticed in the European Union. Let’s have a look at why .EU is the way to go for businesses located in the European Union: .EU in a Nutshell Infogram It’s not just an address on the web, it enables customers to develop a resilient European presence for […]

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New gTLD Report – August 2017

The new gTLD performance for August is out! .TOP has moved from position 6 to the number 1 spot this month with .XYZ taking the number 2 spot. .CLUB and .MEN are our 3rd and 4th highest performing domain extensions for August. .GDN, which was at position 2 in July, has taken the number 5 spot for August. Just like July, .WORK continues to be a part of our top performing new gTLD adds. We have a new entrant in our monthly reports – .TODAY. Do have a look at the infographic below for a breakdown of new gTLD adds […]

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