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Nikunj Thakkar

Nikunj is the CEO and Co-founder at Dataone Innovation Labs - A Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions Company, currently building Shoppr.ai, an AI-powered Analytics platform for E-Commerce. As a passionate technologist, he loves giving back to the startup community and leads Headstart and Google Cloud Developer communities in Ahmedabad.
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Have you been running flawless email operations on Mailchimp by using the Mailchimp integration for Shopify? For some context, as we mentioned in the previous article, Shopify and Mailchimp have stopped the first-party support for each other’s users. You’ll need to build a new workflow for your emails to revive the operations (and improve it while you’re at it) to keep your store’s most important marketing channel at its pace. Zapier delivers smart workflows in…

MailChimp parted ways with Shopify a short while back. While each had their own set of reasons justifying the split, clients using these two services together are to be impacted in a major way. Mailchimp has provided a roadmap with a few different options that e-commerce store owners can opt for depending on the requirements of their ongoing and future marketing campaigns. However, before moving ahead with understanding how to get Mailchimp to work with…