Understanding the Gutenberg Plugin AKA Wordpress Visual Editor Plugin

What is Gutenberg Editor on WordPress? Pros and Cons explained

We all await the change WordPress is bringing to us with the Gutenberg WordPress Editor! It is the new core element in WordPress. “The goal of the block editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable.” – From the Gutenberg plugin description on WordPress.org. The latest version of WordPress has a visual editor that has been standard for years. Writers in today’s day and age expect a refreshing experience on the platform. This led to a team working behind the scenes to introduce something that every WordPress user wanted, a new editorial system – Gutenberg Editor. […]

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Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting – The Difference

Many of us have wondered and been at sea when it comes to opting for the most suitable type of hosting for a given project. Whether your customer is a professional blogger or a business owner, you might want to know about the difference – Shared hosting vs VPS hosting. Let’s walk you through the several advantages each offers and why it may fit your requirements! Basic Understanding – Shared Hosting Shared Hosting, in a simple example, is like living a villa with a garden or pool that is also used by your neighbors. This hosting lets you share your […]

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How to change Nameservers

Beginners Guide on How to Change Nameservers

A domain name is the most important ingredient in your web hosting business. It’s your unique identity, idea or your brand name. After purchasing your domain and your web hosting package, most people face difficulties in synchronizing the two to get their website or application up and running, especially if you’ve purchased the domain and hosting package from two different providers. While the support team of your web hosting providers can help you with most of this, it’s a good idea to understand Nameservers to have some control over your domain name for future changes or migrations, and here’s how […]

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Importance of an 'About Us' Page

Importance of the ‘About Us’ page for your Customers’ business

We all want to make one of most the frequently visited pages of our customer’s website, a killer one! The About Us page is one of the most important pages on your customer’s website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know their company. This is a chance for your customers’ to introduce themselves and the kind of business they do to their clients. So you might as well make it great! As visitors arrive on your customer’s landing page, they are hoping for a piece of introductory content, such as what/when/where/how details, which has to do with […]

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