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Mia Batrisyia

Mia Batrisyia is an editor at Global Savings Group in charge of managing content, coordinating advertiser campaigns and optimize the webpage rankings. She spends any free time she has to be in charge of social media activity for an organization that assists people whose lives have been affected by unforeseen circumstances. After a long working week, she enjoys taking a stroll at the park with her cat with a cold chocolate beverage in hand.
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Can coupons save you from the pandemic? Not literally, but they could help you save money especially since online shopping trends have increased since COVID-19 made its appearance in public. Exponential access to the internet and smart devices has changed consumers’ lifestyle and preferences. Furthermore, it has been proven to be less likely impacted by a global pandemic or restrictions since the dawn of quick and easy worldwide door-to-door shipping. Do you know what could…