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Jolina Landicho

"Jolina Landicho is a marketing strategist working with various brands online, and the content marketing manager of Avenew Media. She is devoted in helping businesses bridge relationship gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on online marketing, business development, and growth hacking. "
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With technology shifting the marketing industry, neuromarketing has become integral in influencing the decision-making processes of consumers, especially when shopping online. When used right, neuromarketing in web design can improve customer engagement and increase visibility and sales—all done via collecting and analyzing unconscious behaviour. This article covers the basics of neuromarketing, discussing what it is and how it works, why it’s important for your e-commerce site, and how you can use it. It also provides…

When it comes to digital content, particularly in social media, any doubts about which reigns as king have all been extinguished by video. Less than a minute of scrolling through your feeds would be enough to prove this claim. Video content has taken control of social media and digital marketing, but when it comes to web design, static images as design backgrounds remain the status quo – though with the continuing popularity and rising effectivity…