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Aastha Sirohi

An Author and Content Marketer @Endurance International Group (APAC), Aastha believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of working with businesses globally, she understands the need to create tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong and create an impact for the right audience.
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Imagine this — You open your email inbox and are (un)welcomed by numerous emails. You recognize some, but some seem unknown, vague, and even malicious. There’s an email from sam1223@gmail.com that is confirming an order you may have placed and there’s another email from abc@furniturecentral.com that too claims to be about an order you placed. Without even opening the email you know whether or not you placed an order from ‘Furniture Central’, but can you…

The word ‘Dedicated’ in Dedicated Server brings with it — exclusivity, control, management, versatility, security and safety. If you own a website, all these factors are crucial to its successful running. Choosing the right plan and service to use a Dedicated Server, that fits your needs, is probably one of the most crucial business decisions one needs to make. When you use a dedicated server, you gain complete control of your data and the server,…