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A few months ago, we had the privilege of having Edmon Chung, CEO of dotAsia host a joint webinar with us to discuss the growing presence of .ASIA in one of the largest Asian markets, India.

Edmon highlighted India’s Internet landscape with some statistics such as:


Edmon also shared a few facts and predictions for India:

  • India’s projected 330 million to 370 million Internet users will form the second largest Internet population in the world by 2015.
  • India has the potential to more than triple iGDP to about $100 billion by 2015
  • The Internet accounts for 1.6 percent share of GDP in India, yielding $30 billion in total impact on GDP

With regard to the Asian market and online shopping, Edmon highlighted that Asians are becoming more willing to spend online, spending a maximum on customer electronics, books, apparel & more.

So, is there scope for .ASIA to flourish in the near future? ResellerClub has had .ASIA for many years now & believe it’s a TLD with huge potential & reach. In 2014, it ranked 4th among TLDs in secondary market sales volume by extension. Let’s take a look at .ASIA, the organisation & why it’s a TLD to reckon with.

What is .ASIA?

The .ASIA organisation, the registry for .ASIA, is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of Internet development and adoption.

Asia is the largest Internet marketplace in the world & .ASIA is a great TLD for companies or brands looking to target the Asian audience & for individuals to connect with Asians communities across the world. .ASIA is the one domain with instant access to the Asian audience.

Here are some numbers of the .ASIA presence online, year by year that Edmon Chung highlighted in the webinar:

Year Growing .ASIA presence
2009 13Million
2011 66 Million
2012 85.8 Million
2013 140 Million
2014 332 Million

Become Asia- Friendly, Instantly

Make your website, brand, organisation or company Asia friendly instantly with .ASIA. Connect with the audience that matter to your brand. The extension is open to all individuals, organisations & communities, irrespective of if you’re a local seller or a multinational company.

Search Engine Optimisation Relevance & Benefits

Keyword domains enhance search results ranking. A .ASIA domain naturally enhances search for Asian information. Th extension helps your brand rank favorably.

Contribute to the Internet with .ASIA

Every .ASIA domain name adds to the development of the Internet. Your .ASIA domain registration contributes to the Internet through digital inclusion projects. Some of these initiatives are: One Laptop Per Child (www.OLPC.asia), NetMission (www.NetMission.asia), the Information Society Innovations Fund (www.ISIF.asia) and many other meaningful projects that promote Internet development and adoption across Asia.

ResellerClub’s June Offer

With ResellerClub’s June Offers, get .ASIA at an incredible price of just $2.49 till the end of June, 2015. You can own a .ASIA domain for this fabulous price or you can resell it to your customers and earn a huge profit margin.


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