ctrlf+5 delhi

Ctrl+f5 Delhi 2016: In A Nutshell

The Delhi edition of our flagship summit for Web Designers & Developers, Ctrl+F5 was every bit a great experience as the first one in Bangalore. The Delhi NCR belt boasted a stronger contingent of Web Professionals as the turnout tipped 120 well before the sessions kicked off, the enthusiasm of the audience was palpable! With our partners at Radix celebrating their 2nd anniversary of .ONLINE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE, the Ctrl+F5 Delhi was a fun, memorable & engaging day of great learning and opportunity. A fresh line-up comprising Felix Jamestin (Sr. Product Manager, Directi and Co-founder at Myoki), Suveer Bajaj (Co-founder at FoxyMoron) & our very own Shridhar Luthria […]

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SiteWars – The Web Design Contest with $5000 cash prize!

SiteWars in association with Donuts is an online worldwide web design contest set to take place on WDD – the community for Web Designers & Developers. How does this work? We have answers to all your questions below! What is SiteWars in association with Donuts? SiteWars in association with Donuts is an arena where the best minds in Web Design & Development from around the world can battle for the honor of becoming a champion designer and a reward of upto $5000! SiteWars is presented in association with the Donuts Registry which offers a portfolio of TLDs targeting several industries […]

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varnish web accelerator resellerclub shared hosting

Make your website up to 1000% faster with ResellerClub Shared Hosting!

We are pleased to announce Varnish which is now integrated with some of our shared hosting servers. Varnish is a web accelerator which allows websites to sustain very high traffic and load pages exponentially faster by caching static and dynamic content (Images, CSS, plain HTML, etc). It can speed up a website by up to 1000%. Varnish is pre-activated on all new websites added on our Linux Shared Hosting as well as certain servers. You can easily toggle the option of caching on and off as per your requirement. Just log in to your control panel to learn how to […]

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domains sale week blog

Get the money rolling in with #DomainsSaleWeek!

Are you looking to save big on domains? Because the biggest, baddest domains sale is here. Get your favorite domains at the lowest prices in the industry this #DomainsSaleWeek! This offer is only valid from 25th to 30th April 2016 so you better hurry up! You could have a look at the image below for more details. Your eyes won’t believe the prices you see but we promise you, it’s for real!   .COM is finally on sale! That’s right! Along with the above TLDs, enjoy promos on a host of other TLDs as well throughout the month. It’s a double bonus! Login to […]

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impressly website builder blog resellerclub

IMPRESS.LY: Now launch a website seamlessly!

Have you ever said no to leads because you’re overburdened with work? Do you find yourself in a soup when dealing with tech illiterate customers? Now these are worries are a thing of the past! With Impress.ly, building a full-fledged website has never been easier! Taking the complexities out of the equation, we introduce Impress.ly – a unique product that will enable you to create and launch a website effortlessly across any platform like smartphones, tablets, desktops. About Impress.ly As 60% of consumers use mobile search to find a business, it is paramount to build mobile friendly websites. Keeping that in mind, […]

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radix flashsale resellerclub blog

ALERT! Flash Sale on RADIX TLDs

We have some exciting news for you! We are running a special flash sale till the 26th of March, on all 6 Radix TLDs. For more details have a look at the image below.   .ONLINE: It’s universal and versatile, widely understood in numerous languages and supports any endeavour on the Internet .SITE: The perfect way to mark your location on the internet with a short, savvy and sharp site address .SPACE: A canvas for self-starters to express their creativity and share their talents with the world. Convey your message to the world with a .SPACE domain name .TECH: A TLD that […]

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IMPORTANT: Vulnerabilities Discovered in WordPress & Magneto

At ResellerClub, we’re always looking out for the best for our resellers- on both, the service and security front. Here, we’d like to draw your attention to an important development which is cause for security concerns, in two popular scripts, not resulting of anything specific to ResellerClub services – vulnerabilities in WordPress & Magneto. Let’s take a moment to understand each vulnerability: WordPress Vulnerability  What is it? This is a new, serious vulnerability, announced recently which has the potential to cause some damage and disruption. Current versions of WordPress are vulnerable to a stored XSS. An unauthenticated attacker can inject JavaScript […]

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Announcement for the Upcoming Registry Price Hike

Here’s an announcement for the upcmong registry price hikes for .INFO, .ORG and .WS. If you missed the mailer we sent out to all our resellers, we’ve got it covered here: .INFO REGISTRY PRICE HIKE The .INFO Registry will be increasing the prices of .INFO Domain Registrations, Renewals and Transfers by $0.90 effective 30th April 2015, and as a result, we will be increasing our prices across slabs. Please refer to the table below for the revised slab pricing. TLD BASE SLAB SLAB 1 SLAB 2 SLAB 3 .INFO $11.69 $11.09 $10.59 $10.09 *The new pricing will be effective 30th April, 2015. […]

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