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Over the last couple of months ResellerClub has received a lot of requests for PHP 5.4 and we are proud to announce that our servers now support PHP 5.4! Yes. Now our Linux Hosting Servers support PHPv5.4 🙂

This means, all our Linux SDH, MDH, BH/RH servers will also have PHPv5.4 along with old PHP versions. We will soon take a call for discontinuing the support for the older PHP versions on our servers (PHP v5.2).

The latest enhancements significantly improve PHP’s elegance, while removing deprecated functionality, resulting in a dramatic optimization of the runtime (up to 20% more speed and memory usage reduction).

*FAQ* (Some Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I use PHP v5.4 on our Linux servers?
A. Just like PHP v5.3, there needs to be a blank file in the home directory of the user with the filename as “usealtphp54”

Q. Is it mentioned in the KnowledgeBase?
A. The information is accessible at this link:

Q. What happens if there are two files usealtphp54 and usealtphp (both) in
the home folder for a package?
A: Well, it picks up “usealtphp54” by default and sets the PHP version to 5.4 for that package.

Q. Was there any downtime involved during the deployment ?

A. None what so ever !