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It’s been almost 22 years since the first Domain Name Symbolics.com was registered. In the past 10 years or so, the Domain Industry has grown in huge leaps and bounds and has spawned into the billion dollar industry that it is today!

With more and more people wanting to have an online presence, and the internet slowly becoming a house hold term, the number of Domain Registrations has increased tremendously. And when Domains like business.com were sold for a crazy $7.5 million, people realized the ‘value’ of Domains (which has risen over time, primarily due to a rising demand and a narrowing name pool), which led to ‘Harris’s Lament’.A positive that came out of all this was the birth of many more Registrars, new business models (namely end customer focused and the growing Reseller focused) and constant addition of new TLDs.

Since its birth, ResellerClub has also grown in giant steps and we have successfully registered approximately 2 Million Domains through our esteemed Resellers worldwide!

The vast portfolio of TLDs as well as the heavily discounted pricing might have a say in the volumes of Domains that have been registered, but we are sure that You, our Resellers, have played a huge role in enabling ResellerClub to become one of the major players in the Domain Industry!

With over 45+ TLDs available for registration, there’s a wide basket of TLDs for your Customers to choose from! We also strive to provide better pricing for Domain Registrations by constantly tying up with various Registries for promotions, to get the best possible pricing for You. To re-iterate this fact, we recently had the year-long .ORG Promotion wherein you could avail of a .ORG Domain for USD 1.49. Besides, we also had a slew of promotions running for .INFO Registrations; the lowest pricing being USD 0.69!!

And that’s not all; we are constantly trying to add more TLDs to the System. As of now, some of the TLDs that will be integrated into our System on a priority basis are: .de, .cn, .ca, .au .es, .tr

In case you are wondering what ‘Harris’s Lament’ is, stay tuned…

PS: Feel free to mail in to blogfeedback@resellerclub.com if you have any suggestions on new TLD integration. It would be much appreciated. 🙂