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From Bhavin Turakhia’s desk:

FIRST OFF: We are back online for now. The systems are currently functional. We are closely monitoring them for any issue.

I would like to sincerely apologize for the extended downtime. Me and my team have been up all night working on this, and we are sorry it took this long. This was a one-off situation that we faced for the first time in 8 years. The actual issue is resolved. Measures to ensure this does not repeat will be put into place shortly. It requires ordering new equipment which has been ordered and is awaiting delivery.

As a goodwill gesture, to compensate for the downtime, we will charge a ZERO Markup for the next 2 days on all new adds, renewals and transfer-ins of all gTLD Domain Names starting from now till 14th March 2009 (Saturday), at 8.30am GMT.

A list of gTLDs and their Registry cost price has been mentioned below:


$ 7.06
$ 5.18
$ 6.95
$ 6.95
$ 6.42
$ 6.20



Andrew Acker

Andrew Acker