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We have some exciting news for you! We are running a special flash sale till the 26th of March, on all 6 Radix TLDs. For more details have a look at the image below.

ix tld flash sale resellerclub


  1. .ONLINE: It’s universal and versatile, widely understood in numerous languages and supports any endeavour on the Internet
  2. .SITE: The perfect way to mark your location on the internet with a short, savvy and sharp site address
  3. .SPACE: A canvas for self-starters to express their creativity and share their talents with the world. Convey your message to the world with a .SPACE domain name
  4. .TECH: A TLD that will give you the opportunity to build your brand with a domain name that truly represents your business, your interests and everything ‘tech-y’ you stand for
  5. .PRESS: .PRESS is a meaningful platform for journalists, news corporations, publishers, media professionals and bloggers to share opinions, disseminate information and influence their audience by adding brand value, credibility and relevance to their online presence
  6. .WEBSITE: The perfect choice for anyone to get online with a short & memorable domain name that is synonymous with the internet and is recognized globally


Since this flash sale only lasts for the next 5 days, it’s best that you log in to your account and take advantage of it while it lasts!

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