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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular manifestations of influencer marketing. After all, it helps to have an expert in a category of products give their endorsements and opinions on what is the best answer to a certain customer’s needs. It works, across all categories – from Food, to Books to Electronics and of course, hosting.

Blogging on topics that you love is a pure form of expression and if you can help people find the best solution to their problem and get paid while doing it, nothing like it! The Internet brought about the revolution of online affiliate marketing as people scoured to the Web for product information, reviews and recommendations. Forrester’s affiliate marketing forecast shows that US affiliate marketing spend will increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% between 2015 and 2020, growing to over $6.8 billion. Newer markets like India and Russia are on the rise making affiliate marketing look like it’s here to stay and there is plenty of potential for entrepreneurs who wish to make money online.

Earlier this week we caught up with one such entrepreneur who is a fantastic example for budding bloggers and affiliates in India,  Jitendra Vaswani. He is a professional blogger, speaker, and an influential digital marketer. He is the founder of the Internet Marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Product Founder of SchemaNinja.com. We believe Jitendra is a great example to most budding bloggers and wanted to pick his brain for insights that can help all of us.

Here are some excerpts from our chat:

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What made you join the Digital Marketing field?

I decided to join Digital Marketing after completing my engineering degree. As I didn’t have much choice, I joined the SEO team at an SMB and that’s where I picked up my interest in SEO. Since coding wasn’t something I enjoyed, I’m guessing that contributed to my passion for SEO. It has changed my life now and now I live my dream laptop lifestyle.

Tell us a little about your journey

My journey has been amazing. After my first job, I moved to Pune where I found my place at an SEO firm. That’s where I got to know about blogging. I Googled how to make money online through blogging and there I got to know some bloggers are making huge money through blogging and they were earning like 20k-30k$ a month, that was insane. I was surprised with the fact that someone could make money through blogging. I then dug deeper and found out that these bloggers have various ways to make money online. So I started blogging and took domain BloggersIdeas.com and from there on, my journey had begun. So you can see how blogging has changed my life. I was on a job  for 2.5 yrs and after that, I have independently been running my own business. The whole journey has been full of ups and downs.

What are the skills required to be a successful Blogger?

See, to be a successful blogger all you need is to hustle every day and create an impact on people’s lives. A majority of successful bloggers have a crazy work life, working 16 hours a day as they strategized to get better results. When I started blogging I tried to build solid relationships with experts in my industry and that really worked for me. I got featured on big sites like HuffingtonPost, Entrepreneur.com & other leading publications. This was all due to the people I met. I learned so many things by building good relationships with industry folks and had access to valuable resources for free which are available for premium prices. So for me to be a successful blogger you need to make some solid relationships.

How do you drive traffic to your blog? What are your top channels?

To drive traffic I try to social media sharing and community posting on different platforms, here are some platforms that I use:













I use these sites for link building and getting traffic. Blog commenting on relevant but niche blog sites helps in getting referral traffic. Additionally, you can read blogs like Backlinko.com, Quicksprout.com for traffic hacks. I always read these blog to keep myself updated with online marketing trends.

How do you give back to the industry/community?

I tried to take interviews of experts on my blog and share their blogging insights on digital marketing & online monetization.

I took interviews of Neil Patel, Zac Johnson, Charles Ngo, Jeff Bullas & lot of other marketing experts on my blog, if you learn from experts you always tend to make less mistakes and get more success with your business.

Also I wrote my book where I shared my journey to inspire people and force them to actions in their life. Most of the people in their life are stuck and they are afraid to take risks in their life. I took actions in my life and I am here today. I live my life with my own terms. No restrictions I work from any part of the world. I just need laptop and my work get start.

How does one make blogging his full-time career?

To become a fulltime blogger, one has to be very dedicated and has to learn basics of blogging, read up on blogging and grab as much knowledge as you can. If you’re working full time, try some blogging after work hours and keep growing with new strategies you learn everyday.

When I was working, I used to blog after work and end up sleeping at 3 AM. I loved experimenting on my blog did come up with some crazy stuff. Consistency is the key to blogging, I was regular and didn’t give up on my blog. I made it successful by working day and night. One major factor whenever start blogging always chose the best hosting services for your blog.

Stop giving excuses and start executing.

How was your experience with the ResellerClub Affiliate Program/Platform?

My experience with ResellerClub is amazing and I am loving the new affiliate program. I promote them on my blog and my earnings are pretty decent. Their tracking system is clean and what I have seen with most of the affiliate programs is that their system is cluttered and doesn’t comprise of so many features.

As a ResellerClub affiliate, I can clearly track each sale and see how my campaigns are performing. I am bringing atleast 10-15 referral for Resellerclub and I am trying to hit harder in 2017. I would recommend bloggers to start making money with Resellerclub and I am sure they will make lot of money.

What are your growth/expansion plans?

Currently, I am focusing on my product SchemaNinja.com which is WordPress conversion widget plugin which helps affiliate marketers to make money from their niche blogs.

Using Schema Ninja, you can add the following to your website which obviously increases the conversion.

Schema Recommendation

Review Recommendation

Content Recommendation’

Hello Bar Recommendation

POPUP Recommendation

Sidebar Recommendation

Top 10 Recommendation

Footer Recommendation

Compare Recommendation

Coupon recommendation

Expert recommendation

Offer recommendation

An Analytic Dashboard is included

So I am making sure my product has a big impact and my three blogs are stable in 2017. My goals for 2017 is pretty much focused on reeling in some big bucks.

Clearly we at ResellerClub and Jitendra have had a great time helping individuals and businesses get the right hosting solution for their online presence. We look forward to do a lot more with Jitendra and wish him good luck for all his plans.

To budding affiliate marketers:

Jitendra’s story is an inspirational tale of smart work, diligence and success. We at ResellerClub offer a highly lucrative program for all of you, through our affiliate program. You can earn the most competitive commissions in the industry with our affiliate program. Signing up as an affiliate gives your access to high on demand domains and hosting products, jaw-dropping promos, banners & ads to boost your marketing strategy as well as a dedicated affiliate manager to help you convert sales. You can create your ad sets, choose your dimensions and display our latest promos and offers! The more you sell, the higher your commission. You can sign up for free and get started with your campaigns!

Let us know what you think about Jitendra’s incredible success in the comments section below.

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