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If you hold the title of an affiliate marketer as we speak, congratulations! 2020 must have been a blast. With online sales growing 76% between June 2019 and June 2020, there are only good profits, larger niches, and higher conversions to expect from 2021. 

While voice-search optimization and data-driven marketing stayed as the most popular trends consistently for a few years, 2021 is going to see some shifts, as we explore more and more ways of affiliate marketing, and new domains make their place in the marketing space. 

Below are the most likely affiliate marketing trends of 2021

  1. Seasonal Advertising
  2. Native Advertising
  3. B2B Advertising
  4. Localized advertising 
  5. Video content

  1. Seasonal Advertising 

Gone are the days when marketers were affiliated with the same products and brands until the end of time. Today, as and when there is a shift in seasons, there is also a shift in the products most advertised. Brands and marketers are quick to gauge the changing trends, and quicker to leverage them, thanks to data-tracking tools. 

As more and more businesses make use of consumer data to market their products, seasonal advertising is going to be big in 2021. 

The trend is already gaining traction. For example, on the widely popular coupons website, GrabOn, there has been a surge of offers for Online Courses in 2020, with the advent of a world-wide lockdown. The coupons start-up says that they have experienced 210% more search for online courses in 2020. 

Similarly, the search for the same term was at the peak of its popularity in April 2020 as per a report from Google Trends.  

Tools like Google Keywords Planner provide forecasts of how your product will be searched in the online market. The statistic can be a valuable asset for your data-driven marketing. 

  1. Native Advertising

Native Advertising is where advertising is not done in the traditional banner-ads format, but instead carefully slipped into the content. This will become excessively popular in 2021, as studies show that it is a more effective way of marketing. In fact, with so much exposure to banner ads, users have developed a sort of “banner blindness”. Meaning our brains are filtering out unnecessary stimuli, leading to a complete disregard towards banners. 

So, while we are side-lining ads to focus on content, it is a great idea to place ads inside the content itself. In this effort, trends like influencer-marketing and advertorials will gain much more traction. Research has shown that nearly half of all social media users trust influencer recommendations, and will convert that into a purchase decision. 

  1. B2B Advertising

We are now seeing a rise in B2B marketing. More and more B2B industries are opening themselves to affiliate marketing. As a result, affiliate marketers are no longer limited to B2C campaigns.

 Affiliate programs for web hosting are especially lucrative, given their high-volume, high-payout structure. To get an idea, check out ResellerClub’s affiliate program itself. Depending on the package you choose to market, 25 sales can earn you anywhere between Rs.73,500 and Rs.1,47,500! 

  1. Localized Advertising

Localization is no longer just about reaching the local audience. It means reaching their mind. To do so, affiliate marketers are now studying the cultures of their audience, researching about what works and what doesn’t, staying up-to-date with their trends, and understanding their lifestyles and priorities. 

This leads to a much more curated marketing experience. Your niche is a collective of people from various backgrounds. Each person interacts with your product in a different manner. While to some an organic soap is premium, to others it may be non-standard. How will you advertise your soap to both the groups? While some want to buy your car because it is status-enhancing, others may desire it because of its space and functionality. What is the tone you want to use while advertising? These are only a few of the many considerations to account for while marketing for a niche.

  1. Video Content

Video is a much more effective tool when it comes to advertising. Research done by Wyzowl shows that over 72% people like to know about their favourite product through videos. Not only that, viewers of video are much more likely to remember the call-to-action than readers of a blog. Here’s another piece of statistic from the same research: around 84% of customers tend to buy something after they’ve watched a video of the same thing. 

That says a lot about the power of videos. But even then, this medium has not entirely been utilized in the past few years. You see some brilliant content on YouTube, with high traffic and good scope for product placement, and yet the video ends without any sort of marketing involved. 

In 2021, this process is likely to get more streamlined. It will become a trend for content makers to reach out to brands before making a video, instead of brands always having to do the work. 


The world of marketing is characterized by its dynamicity. No two years are the same. But while there will always be trends that catch you off-guard, it shouldn’t stop you from gauging, tracking, and being prepared. With an idea of what affiliate marketing is going to be like in 2021, we hope you’ll implement them successfully, try new methods, learn, and continue to evolve as a marketer. 

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Article contributed by: GrabOn

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