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While most of our promos are run through the Promo Engine, we do often offer huge discounts through a direct price cut like the Transfer-ins @ Zero Markup Promo. However, unlike promos that are run though the promo engine, direct discounts are not automatically highlighted on the SuperSite. You would probably face the same issue if you wanted to offer an exclusive promo to your Customers by lowering your Selling Price.
To help anyone facing this issue, we put together this article on modifying the SuperSite to promote a special discount that is not offered through the Promo Engine.

Two spots on the SuperSite that you could use to promote a custom discount are:

  1. Hot Deals Sidebar
  2. Hot Deals Landing Page

1. To add a Promo to the Hot Deals Sidebar:
Go to: Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Promos » Includes » Sidebar_promos_hotdeals.html
Here, in the Advanced Editor mode add the content that you want displayed.

Sample code: [Preview]

<td valign=”middle” class=”promo-sidebar-blurb”>
<a href=”content.php?action=promos#transferin”>.COM Transfer-ins <span class=”promo-chck-avail”>
<strong>SALE!</strong></span> USD 7.99</a>

Alternatively, you can add promo content or a banner to the sidebar:
Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Promos » Sidebar_promo_blurb.html
However, this content will not be part of the Hot Deals section. [Example]

2. To add content to the Hot Deals Page:
Go to: Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Promos » Promos.html

In the advanced editor mode, enter the text that you want displayed on the page.

Sample Code: [Preview]

<table width=”740″ border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ align=”center”>
<a name=”transferin”></a> <td class=”promo-rounded-box-container”>
<div class=”promo-rounded-box-topcap”></div>
</td> </tr>
<tr> <td class=”promo-rounded-box-content”> <p> <img src=”getImage.php?src=ico-sec-on.gif” border=”0″>
<span class=”promo-heading”><strong>.COM Transfer-ins @ USD 7.99!</strong></span></p>
<p>Transfer-in your .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .NAME Domains @ USD 7.99 only till the 30th of November! Avail of this never before pricing and move in your Domains today!</p> <br>
<div class=”note”> <strong>Note:</strong>
<li>New Registrations and Renewals will not attract this Promo Pricing.</li>
<li>There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Transferred-in during this period.</li><li>The Promo Ends on the 30th of November, 2009</li>
<br style=”clear:both;” /> <center> <input name=”nextpage” class=”frmButton” type=”button” value=”Transfer-ins @ USD 7.99″ onMouseover=”this.className=’frmButton-over'” onMouseout=”this.className=’frmButton'” onClick=”self.location.href=’domain.php’;”> </center> </td>
<div class=”promo-rounded-box-botcap”></div> </td>

Let us know if you would like similar articles on any other modifications to the SuperSite.