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Website security is of utmost importance, and website owners today incorporate highly advanced and reliable security measures within their websites to protect against hackers, malware, and other malicious online threats. But in an unfortunate situation, if a website gets compromised or experiences crashes and failures, a website backup comes in handy and plays a vital role in keeping the website up and running for its customers. Therefore, it is crucial to go beyond a security measure and choose a reliable website backup solution. 

Many top web hosting companies offer great backup plans, including automated backup solutions, for their customers. These backup solutions help prevent data loss and reduce website downtime. However, if you do not have a backup of your website ready, it leads to customer dissatisfaction, loss of sales, and hence loss of business. 

This is why we at ResellerClub have partnered with Acronis Cyber backup, an add-on service to ensure and safeguard your business’s credibility and stability. 

What Is Acronis?

Acronis Cyber Backup is a secure, superior, and easy-to-use cloud backup solution. It is a single solution for website backup and restoration for all Dedicated and VPS Servers. In addition, it has a strong data protection strategy that actively fights against and stops ransomware attacks compared to other backup solutions. 

Today, website downtime costs a lot of money and can lead to major business losses. Therefore, Acronis Cyber backup prevents costly downtimes, lost net revenue, and unsatisfied customers. 

How Does Acronis Cyber Backup Work? 

Acronis defends ransomware, safeguards any workload, offers scalability of up to 5TB, and protects a business’s reputation, future, and money. The Acronis data backup software backs up your website as often as required without affecting website uptime, performance, and productivity. It stores the backup to the Acronis Cloud, allowing users to access this cloud to adjust the storage space and size. 

Acronis offers advanced protection and cybersecurity at each endpoint and any specific location, ideal for today’s remote working environments. In addition, the website backup data is encrypted and secured against ransomware attacks, ensuring the website’s reliability and credibility. 

What Are The Benefits Of Acronis? 

The Acronis cyber backup provides the following advantages: 

  1. Superior and on-demand backup solution

Acronis reduces data loss and backs up a website’s data without affecting its performance. It further allows customers to schedule on-demand backup and backup for their web servers. In addition, customers can easily maintain multiple backup points, limited by the total purchased storage. Acronis offers flexibility to purchase volume sizes ranging from 1GB to 5000GB.

  1. Fast and reliable website recovery 

Acronis uses smart technology and a complete system image that detects boot requirements automatically, making the automated bare-metal recovery process twice as fast. In addition, customers can restore the backup to their servers directly from the Acronis panel or to other servers within the same Acronis account. 

Customers can also either restore individual folders and files or the entire server-level backup. They also get an option to download the website backups to their local machines. 

  1. Strong defence against ransomware

Acronis is not your basic or regular backup solution, as it also protects your website’s files and data against ransomware attacks. It is ranked as the first AI ransomware protection backup solution. 

  1. Cost-efficient

With the Acronis backup solution, you get all the upgrades, system maintenance, and technical support within your subscription fees with no additional charges. This comprehensive and effortless backup and data protection solution makes Acronis a cost-effective solution. 

  1. Restore anywhere 

Acronis allows you to restore your entire website or system to dissimilar or new hardware in just a few mouse clicks. In addition, it ensures a seamless and easy system migration between virtual and physical platforms to any desired location. 

Compatible With Products Like VPS, Dedicated

If you are using a Dedicated Server or a VPS Server Hosting solution to host your website, Acronis is the best backup solution for you. 

You can use Acronis as an add-on over and above an existing or a new Dedicated or VPS Hosting. Since the backup is stored on an Acronis Cloud, it eliminates the need to utilize the server’s disk space to store website and data backups.  


With the Acronis Cyber Backup solution, you get a comprehensive backup and restoration solution at an economical and cost-efficient rate. It backs up the website data and stores it in the Acronis Cloud, which comes in handy if your website experiences failure or gets hacked. 

Acronis significantly minimizes the website’s costly downtime and provides easy, seamless, and quicker on-demand website restoration. This backup solution’s strongest and unique feature is its proactive protection against a ransomware attack, which is not seen within other backup solutions. In addition, it allows website restoration within seconds at any desired location. 

Therefore, choose the Acronis Cyber Backup add-on solution provided by ResellerClub for your website today at an affordable additional cost. 

Buy Acronis Cyber Backup Now for your website’s reliability, credibility, and security from our website today. 

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