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At the end of 2018, when we sat at the table and chalked out the plan for the ResellerClub brand for 2019, we all were in agreement about one thing – ResellerClub is and will continue to be a brand that encourages learning and knowledge-sharing, nurtures meaningful customer relationships and provides a platform to network. 

In keeping with these goals, our immediate plan included holding workshops, improving our website experience, creating and distributing content on our blog property, amping up our social media and video strategy and of course, hosting and participating in events as often as possible.

Standing at the threshold of 2020, I can say we’ve achieved all that and more. ResellerClub has had a fantastic run with on ground activities, especially. We started hosting events at ResellerClub as a way to connect with our resellers, organize sessions to aid learning, and provide a platform for knowledge sharing. Let’s take a look at the events of 2019.

The first half of 2019 has had ResellerClub hosting Ctrl+F5s (the Design & Development Summit) across the country! In case you’re wondering what Ctrl+F5 is, here’s a cool promo video we made last year:

Why do we do events? Events are a fantastic way for us to meet and interact with our resellers and customers every now and then. It’s also a great way to bring you our latest product launches at event-special discounts, help you grow your business and learn new things through insightful sessions.

Why should you attend them?

  • To networking with industry experts
  • To be involved in fun activities, win and earn prizes, goodies, freebies
  • For deep learning through workshops & sessions 
  • For knowledge sharing with peers in the same industry
  • For event day discounts on products & services

I highly recommend participating in as many industry related events as possible, even if they’re not ResellerClub ones 🙂 It could be beneficial for your business. Now, let’s dive in.

Ctrl+F5 Mumbai, 30th March ‘19

March was an active month of events for us. We hosted the first Ctrl+F5 of 2019 in Mumbai and the 13th Ctrl+F5 in the history of the event.

The event took place in the gorgeous Hilton Hotel in Mumbai’s Airport area. While Ctrl+F5 summits are designed to be “mini” conferences with a crowd of usually 100 attendees, this Mumbai event saw the highest ever attendee number – 162!

The highlight was the 3-hour digital marketing workshop by Meherzad Karanjia from (Indian Institute of Digital Education, who interacted with the crowd with ease and experience. The workshop was a new addition to Ctrl+F5.

Here are pictures from the event:

Ctrl+F5 Hyderabad 22nd June ‘19

Another month, another city! Our second Ctrl+F5 event of the year took place in the Nizam city, Hyderabad. We had 97 attendees and a record 55% were new to ResellerClub. It was a great time of learning & interaction. 

Here are pictures from the event:

ResellerClub VIP Retreat, 23rd – 25th Aug, ‘19

The ResellerClub VIP Retreat is an annual all-expense-paid getaway for our top resellers. This year, we took 20 of our top resellers to Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort in Chandigarh. They participated in activities like the cocktail making session and box cricket at this luxurious resort. 

We also held a few very useful business sessions by various speakers – Manish Dalal (SVP & MD, Endurance International Group), Praveen Bhadada (Partner, Zinnov), Ganesh Iyer (Search & Shopping Specialist, Google), and others. The retreat was in partnership with the .CO registry. Crystal Peterson and Janki Chopra from .CO spoke to our resellers on ‘.CO Let’s Grow Together’. The retreat was a great time of networking, learning, fun and unwinding.

See pictures from the event here:

For upcoming Ctrl+F5 events, keep an eye out <link to the cf5 website> for an event in your city.

Cloudbazaar 2019

For the final event of the year, ResellerClub was present at Cloudbazaar, an Endurance International Group initiative held on 6th December, 2019. The trade show annually hosts speaker sessions by industry stalwarts, workshops by experts and sees a footfall of over 1000 attendees. 

It is the biggest event of the year that ResellerClub participates in. The ResellerClub booth was buzzing with activity as we met with our resellers, handed out freebies, gathered valuable feedback from customers on product improvements and had a good time of learning and networking. 

Pictures from the event are below:

That’s a wrap for our events in 2019. Our aim is to keep pushing the boundaries each new year and improve on the previous years so 2020 has a lot more in store. See you at the next event!

AmritaAmritaAmritaAmrita Konaiagari is the Team Lead for Content Marketing at Endurance International Group (APAC). She is also the Editor of the ResellerClub blog. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and a Master’s Degree in Communication & Journalism from the Mumbai University. She has 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She has a passion for home decor and hopes to one day be a book author.View all posts by Amrita