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We’ve been seeing a lot of action on the Voting front and here are the current rankings (as on October 21st, 2010):

Name Language Total Votes Rank
Ronnie Jarrouj Arabic 1113 1
Fadi Odeh Arabic 296 2
Ashraf Aly Arabic 199 3
Anouar French 520 1
Benabdallah French 413 2
Richard French 272 3
Francisco Montero Spanish (Spain) 524 1
Adrian Spanish (Spain) 183 2
Juan Jose Spanish (Spain) 76 3
Paulo Lopes Portuguese 578 1
Miguel Barbosa Portuguese 481 2
Pedro Dias Portugese 302 3
Rafael López Spanish (Latin American/Mexico) 399 1
Armando Ruiz Spanish (Latin American/Mexico) 37 2
Edward Navarro Spanish (Latin American/Mexico) 8 3

Congratulations on a great start folks!

We still have a long way to go and we hope to have a lot more resellers join us in this program. It’s a simple process, all you need to do is review translations and vote on them. The highest voter per language will not only be helping their community in making the language live but also have the opportunity to win a cool new iPad. Partners who are interested in being a part of the Voting program can directly get in touch with us at

We hope to make these languages available to you in the live environment soon.

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