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Starting a web hosting business may seem like a daunting task, however, it need not be! In this article, we’ll walk you through how to set up your own Reseller web hosting business. Before we dive in – let us first understand what web hosting is.

Web Hosting – web hosting is the act of providing storage space and access to websites or applications on the server. The idea of web hosting is to make your website/application available to everyone connected to the internet. 

To host your website on a server, you (the user) need to purchase a web hosting package. Essentially what this means is that you’re renting out space. Take, for instance, there is an entire apartment building with multiple houses. The building is your server whereas, you renting out an apartment is your personalised space or web hosting package. Once you purchase hosting from your chosen web hosting provider, your provider hosts your website and you can access it by typing in the website name in the URL bar in your web browser. When you are redirected to your website and it loads, it means your website is successfully hosted on the server. However, if you find any errors or the page doesn’t display you must contact your service provider. 

Which is the right hosting for you? 

Depending on what your website is your preferred hosting choice changes. If you run a WordPress website like a blog then WordPress Hosting is the best choice. On the other hand, if you run an e-commerce store then you have the option of Cloud Hosting. Similarly, if you’re running a reseller web hosting business that is, reselling hosting services to clients such that you earn some profit, then Reseller Hosting is the hosting to go for. 

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

There are several advantages of Reseller Hosting, let us have a look at them:

1.Free Cpanel Accounts

At a time when you have to pay an additional amount for cPanel integration, our Linux Reseller Hosting plans come with unlimited FREE cPanel accounts. With cPanel you can create, modify and manage unlimited customer hosting accounts seamlessly. Apart from this, your control panel is fully branded to reflect your company’s identity.

2. Sturdy infrastructure

Our Linux Reseller Hosting is great for developers and hosting providers as it is built on a state-of-the-art architecture boasting of high-performance processors and network to deliver a world-class experience.

3. Easy and effective domain management

When it comes to Reseller web hosting business, domain management is of utmost importance. With our Reseller Hosting plans you can easily create customised hosting plans for your customers with sufficient bandwidth and unmetered disk space. Moreover, our hosting management system, cPanel allows you to install scripts with a single click and has an intuitive GUI to make your work easier.

4. Unmatched Speed

Speed is another crucial factor to be considered when running a web hosting business, as the better, your website loading speed more are the chances you will rank high on search engines. Our Linux Reseller Hosting comes with varnish caching that helps improve your website speed by almost 1000x. Moreover, our plans even come equipped with CloudFlare CDN, low-density servers and cutting-edge hardware for your website to improve its SERP ranking.

5. Email Services 

As a web hosting business, it is important that you provide basic email services to all your customer accounts. Our Linux Reseller Hosting plans allow your customers to create unlimited email accounts for their domains. The email service provides secure IMAP support that enables your customers to access their email from any device. 

Along with all these benefits, we at ResellerClub also boasts of the fantastic support that’s available 24/7 via chat, calls and emails to help resolve your queries so that you have an amazing business experience. Check out our Reseller Linux Hosting plans today to start your own web hosting business. 

Do you have any queries? If yes, feel free to comment below or contact us. 

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