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Over the last month, we’ve been hard at work at integrating .RU for all our programs. You can now start offering .RU at a great price and an introductory promo!

Why .RU?

Having a large presence in Russia already (we’re the largest .COM Registrar in the Russian market), we’re aware that .RU is always the first choice for Russian individuals or businesses.

Our research shows that the size of the Russian internet audience is about 42 million, whereas the total number of Domains registered is just a little over 3 million. That speaks volumes about unutilized opportunity in that market.

Also, we have seen the total market share of .RU domains grow from 3.5% to 4% in the TLD market within a span of two years thus showing the immense earning potential for .RU providers.

Introductory Promo:

We’re offering .RU at an introductory price of $4.5 $3.5 till the 18th of February!

Recent Developments at Russia.ResellerClub:

1. Better Payment Options:
We recently started allowing automated WebMoney payments and we’ve already got a great response from Russian Resellers.

2. Increased Local language Support:
Our Russian team, headed by Vasiliy, is constantly growing and we’ve added four new Russian Account managers to our arsenal.

3. Improved Interfaces for Russia.ResellerClub:
We’ve been constantly working on improving Russian translations on all our local interfaces including the Control Panel and SuperSite.

Things to watch out for:

1. Russian Technical Support:
You’ll soon have technical support catering to all your support issues in Russian itself.

2. Russian KnowledgeBase:
By popular demand, we are working on having the KnowledgeBase ready in your language soon.

3. Local Bank Accounts:
We are currently working on establishing local bank accounts in your country. We’re also researching easier payment options for Russia.

4. Exclusive Promos:
To be a part of your celebrations, we have chalked out special promos and offers to be rolled out during your local festivals like Easter, Labour Day and Russian Military Glory day.

Our Date with Russia:

We’re coming to Moscow this April and we would love to meet you for lunch or catch up over drinks!


Keep watching this space for updates on all these initiatives – you can even follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Community for instant updates.

All these changes have been the result of the detailed feedback we’ve received from you and we would love your feedback on our upcoming plans as well – Do leave a comment and let us know!