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With content taking center stage, content marketing has become the heart and soul of all marketing activities. Everyone is trying to make interesting and interactive content, but the question stands ‘Is it reaching the desired audience?’. If not, then you need to revisit your marketing strategy. Here are some valuable content marketing ideas to sharpen your marketing skills-

1. Turn your posts into infographics or video –With 55% of all visitors spending less than 15 seconds on a website”, having a lengthy text-heavy section would only cause them to lose interest and go to other sites. The solution would be to create immersive content in the form of infographics and videos that can easily catch the attention of a visitor. Our recommendation would be to keep the content short, engaging and easily viewable on mobile device.

2. Write blogs and collaborate with others– Blogs serve two purposes- first is that they bring users that are interested in your content and thus might be your potential customers. The other purpose is that the content on blogs are crawled by Google crawler which is then used to rank the website.  

You can also collaborate with other bloggers who are in the same area of work but are not your direct competitors. Try contacting popular blogs where you can contribute  as a guest blogger. The one thing to keep in mind is to avoid making the content too promotional otherwise most of the blogs won’t entertain you.

3. Create and host podcasts People love to hear stories of a company’s idea, vision, struggle and success. You can create your company’s podcast channel and do regular podcast. Some tips on having effective podcast would be-
a. Always have a podcast based on a theme and the entire podcast should be relevant to that field itself.
b. Make sure that the voice quality, recording, etc. are of high quality. If there are even slight noises then your user might not hear your podcast.
c. Try answering your users’ doubts in the podcast and then personally mail them the podcast link.

4. Write live case studies What could be a better way to promote your brand then giving a live case study of someone who benefitted from your product. For e.g. We at Designhill are in a custom graphic design business. There are times when clients have very unique request and to meet the challenge one has to plan accordingly and then execute it. One can always write about the challenge in the form of case study for any prospective user to see the commitment you have in meeting clients demand.  You can either write the story in a formal way or can even try writing it in the form of a story depending on who your clients are.

5. Promote the content on social media Facebook recently crossed the 2 billion mark. Research shows that social media is a major influencer in people’s and company’s purchasing habit. As such one needs to be sure that they are not merely present on social media but making a mark of their brand through the content, user engagement, etc. Our recommendation would be to select social media platforms suitable for your business, create engaging content and make sure that your users remain connected with you on these platforms.

6. Post your presentation on slideshare You would have definitely made presentation on what your business is about, the use of your product and other such essential topics. Now it’s time that your user should see it too so that they can easily get their doubt cleared. One can easily upload the relevant files on slideshare and then put the links on their website, social media channels and other medium where the customers might have asked question’s related to your company.

7. Comment on other blogs and posts This can be another marketing tool which can be specifically targeted at your potential customers. You can post comments on blogs and posts that are relevant to your industry and where your target reader is going to be. The only thing to keep in mind is that you avoid making the comment too promotional otherwise it might get deleted. Also posts with extremely promotional material are generally considered as spam and viewers might not buy what you are trying to tell.

8. Publish interesting facts From teenagers to adults to old, everyone like interesting facts. Make sure that you include interesting facts in your promotional strategy. It’s not necessary that the facts are entirely from your industry. You can try rotating contents, thus including something interesting from every walk of life like marketing facts, story behind a festival, social impact stories just like dabur vatika did with this amazing ad. You can also engage your audience via such post by asking them to tag someone, comment, etc.

9. Answer to people’s queries Answering your customer’s doubts would help you turn an inquisitive visitor into a customer. Also a prompt reply from a business organisation always serve as a good word-of-mouth marketing. The important thing is that your customer might be using various medium like website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to ask question that they have in mind. Therefore it’s important that you are active on every medium and respond promptly  to your customer’s queries .

These are the few content marketing ideas we think can definitely help you in getting new customers and take your business to a newer height. What are your suggestion? Do you have any other content marketing idea in your mind that can help boost business?

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