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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns across the globe have led to a sharp rise in new website launches. Even small businesses catering to an even smaller niche are starting websites and selling their products and services online.

All this is great if you run a website hosting business. More people starting websites only means that you now have a larger customer pool. However, there are hundreds of web hosting companies in the market. 

One casual online search, and you’ll see that the list of hosting companies is almost unending. So, if you want your web hosting company to stand out and capture significant market share, you’re going to have to up your marketing game, and for a while now, one of the best ways to do it has been social media. 

Countless people use social media, which makes it easier for companies to interact with people. This article lists out a few tips and tricks for you to nail your social media marketing campaign. 

How to use social media to market your web hosting business?

  1. Choose the right platform(s)

Not all tech companies are right for LinkedIn, and not all art businesses do well on all social media platforms. The fact is that not all social media websites will work for your business. Usually, the niche you are targeting decides the social media platform you need to use.  

If you’re looking to sell hosting plans to young, new bloggers, Instagram might be a good option. However, if you’re looking to sell hosting plans to professionals or are looking at B2B marketing, LinkedIn is where you would want to concentrate. 

The idea is to maximise visibility to your target audience. You just go where your customers are most likely to be. Some form of basic research with your existing and potential customers will give you a better idea about which platform or platforms your business should be on. 

  1. Create a social media calendar

Social media, much like a blog or a vlog, thrives if you post content regularly and stick to a schedule. The adage of ‘content is king’ is used ever so often because it’s true. Sticking to a regular schedule of posting content, over time, will get you more followers, views, and engagement. 

  1. Engagement is key

Regularly posting quality content should always be backed by genuine engagement with your potential and existing customers. There are many ways to do this — ask for opinions, respond to queries, help out wherever you can, share knowledge; the possibilities are endless. 

Responding to people and increasing engagement, in general, helps build trust with your followers and allows you to create a community.  

  1. Have a clear social media strategy

Posting content, having positive conversations and building a decent social media footprint — all of it should serve a clear purpose. Having a strategy will help you decide what to post, what format to use and the type of content that gets you more eyes.

  1. Offer some form of support

Customer support remains one of the biggest problems that people have with any brand, and social media is a great way to provide customer support to your existing customers.

Most of your customers are bound to be on some social media platform and understand how to use it. It’s easy to get in touch with your hosting company if you’re available on the platform and provide support through it. 

For example, if you have a Twitter account, create and monitor a hashtag that’s all about customer support. People can easily contact you, and for you, it gets easier to address the problem.

Providing genuine, helpful customer support via social media helps your customers while simultaneously building a reputation for your hosting business.

  1. Educate potential customers

Web hosting and website management isn’t the easiest thing to understand and use if you’ve never had any experience in the field. The prospect of getting a hosting plan, building a website, and getting people to visit your website can be daunting. 

So, help out your potential customers. Link good blogs that are easy to understand, post useful tips, and help your potential customers understand that it’s not that hard to start and maintain a website. 

  1. Don’t overdo it

Bombarding your followers with continuous posts is a sure-shot  way to drive them away. Optimise the number of posts and only post content that’s relevant, useful, or informative. Your followers will likely stick around if their feeds aren’t just about your company all the time. 

  1. Analyze and Be flexible with your social media strategy

While it’s essential to know exactly how you’re going to reach your social media goal, it’s equally important to be ready and willing to let go of a particular method completely. Use a good social media analytics tool and monitor how each of your posts does. 

Over some time, you’ll see clear trends developing. A particular type of content may be unusually popular with your followers, while blogs about a certain topic may get little to no clicks. 

Understand these trends and change your strategy accordingly. Social media, in some ways, is quite democratic — you just need to do what your followers prefer more. There are exceptions, of course, but in general, do what works best with your crowd. 


Social media is a great way for you to engage with your existing customers and get more people into your fold. Posting content regularly, engaging with your followers, posting relevant and useful data — are some crucial factors that can make or break your social media game.

Of course, all this should be backed by sound technical hosting prowess. If you’re interested in Reseller Hosting make you partner with us, ResellerClub. We have a proven history of providing safe, reliable, and fast Reseller Hosting plans to help kickstart your web hosting venture.

Once you have the fundamentals of hosting nailed, you can concentrate on growing your business and social media presence. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. For more tips and help to build successful businesses head to our Marketing Blog category. 

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