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Incepted in 2003, WordPress has indeed become the sought-after Content Management System (CMS). It is presently used by more than 75 million websites that are being used to publish millions of post. Being an open source blog publishing platform, WordPress has the capability to update and manage an affordable, dynamic and user-friendly website.

Initially, the CMS was launched as a simple blogging software but now it has emerged as a full-fledged versatile tool. So, let’s dig deep into the useful advantages that WordPress web development brings along with itself:

  1. Edition and Creation of content becomes facile with WordPress

User-friendliness is one of the important reasons that contribute to the popularity of WordPress. It is quick to use, simple to learn both for for an amateur and expert individual. A non-technical person can also easily edit the content without having to pay a webmaster to do it. WordPress eliminates the need to possess excellent coding skills for any kind of amendment.

It also comes with functionality like generating navigation links automatically and indexing content so as to make it searchable on Google and other search engines. It also helps in the management of other tasks by keeping track of user’s permission and security settings.

  1. WordPress is highly optimized for search engine

While looking for a CMS, search engine optimization features are something that you need to take into account. WordPress has all those facilities that can help businesses get to the top of searches. It is only because of its logical architecture and responsive design that Google has also stated it to be one of the most search engine friendly CMS. The coding being clean and simple allows search engine spiders to easily crawl the website. For even a more precise SEO, a meta tag keyword is provided for each blog post and web page.

To help developers make use of meta tags in the best possible way, WordPress features a large number of plugins to use.

  1. WordPress features a wide array of plugins

As a fully-functional CMS, WordPress has been designed to enable greater functionality, tighten security & improve ease-of-use with the help of plugins. There are some incredible WordPress plugins that can help you optimize and promote the content of site. The functionality of these plugins keep your site look alive, updated, fresh and revamped. However, you need to be cautious when updating plugins as an old plugin which is incompatible with the WordPress version you are using could prove to be detrimental to development. A WordPress web development expert could help you avoid such mishaps.

So, whether you need a mobile-friendly website or simply a contact form, there is a fully-functional plugin available to meet business needs.

  1. WordPress is completely secure

Security is an important factor to consider before it gets too late. Since WordPress is an open source CMS, it might be more or less vulnerable to hackers. The presence of WordPress security plugins makes it less vulnerable to hackers. These plugins offer the best security and stop your website from getting hacked. Besides, effective maintenance and administration is required to implement these security controls.

  1. WordPress is completely mobile-friendly

In order to offer consistent performance to both desktop and mobile users, WordPress come with various mobile-friendly themes. Designing a WordPress website using these themes reduces the challenge users face on accessing the website on mobile. Being fluid-responsive, these themes enhance the user experience on every device.

Responsive WordPress themes are great for creating niche business websites that adapt to the screen size and can also get indexed faster.

  1. WordPress is web compliant

The coding in WordPress website is in absolute compliance with W3C standards. This ensures that the website will function smoothly in any existing browser. Additionally, it increases its chances of functioning in an uninterrupted way.

Being abreast with the latest technologies like REST API and PHP7, WordPress developers integrate innovative solutions to amplify business productivity.

  1. WordPress is highly customizable

WordPress gives your business website the exact look and feel as required. As discussed above, there is a theme for addition of every functionality. Whether you want to present your business website as a magazine or just create an eCommerce site, the availability of customized themes makes the entire process easy and quick. Similarly, you have the option to change colors and images to give a unique appeal. It is quite easy to customize the background, font and colors without any required coding.

  1. WordPress supports multiple content types

WordPress brings a wide range of content types that also include audio, video and other types of media. It has built-in support for various file types. It also supports YouTube, Twitter and other channels to integrate content. Using WordPress, you can also ask visitors to post videos in the comment.

In a Nutshell:

In this highly competitive digital world, an engaging website plays an important role in staying ahead of competition. While designing a website, you need to ensure it has all the exciting features for a business to flourish online. With WordPress customization, you get an amazing website that results in higher conversions. WordPress websites are going to stay around for long. In order to get the best services, you need to hire a professional web development company which provides full-fledged services at the economical price.

WordPress is the right way to go for a profitable online business. One of the easiest CMS to opt for both small, mid and large scale businesses, WordPress easily modifies the look of website and makes it unique by imparting additional functionalities that make it user-friendly.

Using WordPress gives your business with some compelling advantages. With a CMS like WordPress, you will be able to take care of your website’s needs easily. With so many benefits of WordPress web development, it is high time you reach out to WordPress professionals and design an interesting plan for your business.

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