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One of the major highlights of corporate news from across the globe in the year 2018 was Walmart acquiring a 77% stake in Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart. It is the biggest e-commerce deal in the world reported to date. The other big news in the world of e-commerce that was an indicator of the future course of e-commerce technology was the acquisition of the open source e-commerce software platform Magento by technology major, Adobe for a deal of USD 1.68 billion. A single statement from the corporate press release by Adobe after the acquisition makes enormous good sense in this context: “This is the future of e-commerce- experience driven e-commerce.”

Look at the data shared by Tech Crunch that 79% of consumers in the United States of America shop online. Google suggests that searches for “shopping near me” have increased by 200% in the past two years. A recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that 59% of its respondents have shopped at Amazon or other major e-commerce platforms like Alibaba’s TMALL and JD.

It is anyone’s guess then what the trajectory of e-commerce is likely to be in the year 2019. The growth of e-commerce websites is likely to continue unabated and in fact likely to scale up in the year 2019.

In recent years, shoppers have drastically shifted from physical stores to online stores and the same applies to the shop owners as well. The problem here arises when e-commerce store owners know where to head but do not have any idea about how they should lead.

Designing a competitive and elegant online platform is a strenuous task for most internet businesses. Though in recent times, it has become easier even for the start-ups to create a well-established website by using open source technology platforms like Magento.

Magento is one of the best choices and a perfect p to get the over-the-top level of services for small and mid-sized companies as well. It is a statically proven fact through Forrester Wave Research in 2018 that Magento is a leading alternative for almost every e-commerce developer. The influential and renowned organization stated that Magento is a strong performer in both B2C and B2B markets.

Research which covered one million websites by BuiltWith stated that Magento was the third largest E-Commerce platform in 2018. Due to its easy functionality, amazing customization offers, easy to install on localhost and configure on any hosting plans to improve the performance of the online store, this open source platform is flourishing as the most preferred service provider for startups.

If you are still doubtful whether you should choose Magento as your e-commerce platform in 2019 then here is a handy guide.

The seven reasons explained below will surely help startups to make a decision and switch to the most opted E-Commerce platform – Magento.

  1. Offers unmatchable customizations and tools
    Magento offers brilliant customization facilities that allow its users to design an E-commerce store according to their specific needs. The over the top E-commerce platforms do not cater to the same level of customization needs of startups.Magento is one of the finest open source platforms when it comes to integrating tool offerings. Given the numerous e-commerce tools that are available for analytics, conversion and modifying optimization including Hot Jar, Quant Cast Measure, Google Analytics, Inspect Let and Big Commerce Analytics, it makes sense to lean on Magento 2 to integrate all of these on to one platform.For example, Google Analytics can be integrated with a Magento e-commerce platform by following these easy steps:

    • First, create an account with Google Analytics and obtain a tracking identity.
    • Second, configure the Google API in Magento 2. Access your Magneto administrator account.
    • Third, choose the configuration tab.
    • Fourth, access the sales option in the Google API menu.
    • Fifth, expand the Google Analytics option and enable its operation by pasting the tracking identity in the blank for the account number.

    You can exercise a great amount of flexibility while using this open source platform. From managing E-commerce product pages, adding meta tags, canonical tags, customizing shopping cart functionality, tracking the products viability, sales, everything can be easily changed even by a layman like online shop owner.

  2. Provides Application Programming Interface for Inventory ManagementAt the core of a robust e-commerce business model is inventory management. For a start-up firm to streamline its inventory management and synchronize it with content development and sales campaigns, it is of vital importance that the inventories of the entire range of merchandise on sale be periodically updated and reviewed. You can use a Magento API which will help you to set routines, protocols, and tools to build your E-commerce store. This open source platform makes it easier to develop and update your inventory lists by using this feature.Along with a code scanning device, you can create a unique stock list and cut the cost of your employee management. This added advantage of Magento really helps online shop owners to move to the next level in achieving a great level of convenience.
  3. Saviour for Developers as Well as Store OwnersIt supports both OOP and MVC architecture. You can choose any of them according to your specific needs for development. Therefore, Magento is highly beneficial for web developers as it allows them to enable an optimal user interface and show their proficient programming skills.Moreover, if you are not knowledgeable enough in the development of web pages then Magento offers easy to use facilities as well. You do not have to be well versed with high-quality programming and web development knowledge to use this E-Commerce platform.
  4. Problem-Solving ExtensionMagento has a full-fledged marketplace where you can find numerous add-ons to optimize your online store. It can be said that if you have any kind of needs related to customizing your e-commerce store according to your tailor-made requirement then you will find an extension for the same in their offerings.These extensions are ready-to-use even for people who are not tech savvy which means that you do not need a developer specifically to work on extensions provided by Magento. This gives relief especially to start-up firms who are afraid to spend huge sums on hiring a developer for setting up their E-Commerce store. For instance, if you are looking to optimize of Magento site for search engine point of you, you can use SEO Suite Ultimate Extension.
  5. Digital Marketing AssistantWhen it comes to SEO techniques, Magento offers several things which others do not. Magneto is loaded with an in-built digital marketing assistant. Its open source platform offers great assistance to e-commerce store owners to measure and manage website traffic and thus navigate across business strategies for agile course correction.Magento as an open source technology platform offers SEO friendly URL suggestions, sitemaps, meta tags, and keyword suggestions. This provides a great amount of help to rank your web store on search engines and increase your customer base.
  6. Helps in Planning with In-Hand Data
    Magento has some great attributes that allow owners to view client history. The purchasing, search results and even wish lists can be viewed anytime by the developers or store owners. Such informative open source platforms allow beginners to know where their business is heading.It serves as an all-time feedback provider of your clientele. You can judge and plan according to the information stored by E-commerce platforms constructed by using Magento. This helps you to modify and improve your business strategies. Moreover, this assists you in knowing your weaknesses and strengths.
  7. Mobile Friendly 
    Do you have a smartphone? Obviously, yes! We all have a mobile device in our hand 24×7. The internet services on a mobile phone allow users to access web stores whenever a shopping idea comes in their mind. And no E-Commerce store would like to take a risk to avoid this platform.Although established big names might not be in a hurry to shift to mobility, it is a must to have feature for any startup. Who will offer you this? It is the perfect one-stop solution provider – Magento. They offer amazing mobility functions to their client.One can easily zoom in and out, drag-drop and slide any E-Commerce platform constructed through Magento. This makes it extremely mobile friendly and the best choice for people who do not want to compromise on customer satisfaction.


It must have become more clear to you how easy it is to formulate an E-Commerce store by using open source platforms like Magento. In between, speed is equally important for an eCommerce website. We at ResellerClub, offer Magento Hosting for your Magento powered e-commerce website as per your needs to improve the performance of your website.

It is totally not an issue if you have a startup when it comes to this open technology platform. Go ahead and use Magento to enhance the experience of web development and E-Commerce store establishment. It will surely provide a large field to develop your online business opportunities!

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