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As part of our constant efforts to give you the best reselling experience ResellerClub’s support team is geared to give you hands-on solutions for every possible issue you may encounter in the quickest possible time. This week we have one more instance where our support team tackled the issue faced by a Reseller with great presence of mind and splendid response time.
One of our resellers who had recently purchased a VPS package was faced with a situation where he had trouble accessing a URL which he earlier could. Sonia Goveas from our support team came to his rescue and managed to diagnose the issue and fix it in a very short span of time.

Our Support Executive:
Sonia Goveas, has been with us for about 2 and a half yrs and has been a stellar resource who has consistently provided great support to our resellers.


The Issue:
Our reseller got in touch with our support team regarding the URL – http://<ip-address>/login – which he could access earlier and suddenly was unable to. The Apache web service was running on the server but the URL was not accessible.

The Complication:
The IP address was created as an account from WHM>>Create Account. Because this can cause conflicts in Apache configuration, cPanel doesn’t recommend this and instead mandates that it be a fully qualified domain name.

Our Solution:

The initial impression that the reseller’s description of the problem led us to suspect that the website was accessed from the default document root. However, the client had created an account from WHM using the main shared IP address instead of the FQDN which led to the URL ceasing to work. This required a change to the virtual host configuration on Apache.
After Sonia explained the case to the reseller and informed him about what needed to be done, she began to work on the problem with netstat command, using which she confirmed that port 80 was active only on localhost connections and not on the main shared IP address.
Sonia knew that having “Listen [::] 80” in the Apache configuration is usually enough for Apache to listen on all IP addresses which are configured on the server. The directive was already added. But in order to be sure, she added an extra line: Listen :80 in his Apache configuration.
To ensure that the website fetches contents from the user’s document root, she commented out the Virtual host configuration for the default document root and distilled the configuration to save them for future restarts. Now the website URL began to load perfectly – much to the reseller’s delight!

Once the issue was resolved, the reseller was immensely relieved and thankful to our team and Sonia in particular. This is what he had to say – “I’m very thankful to this talented team which solved my issue which baffled me! In no time was my URL up and running! All the best to the team.”