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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories that you tell.”
-Seth Godin

As a web pro or an online business owner, how to market and boost your business must be one of the most pressing matters to you. From using mass media to most recently the use of the internet to propel it forward, marketing has evolved over the years. In today’s age and time, there are several ways to market your business. Social media, ads, banners and SEO are some great means to market and gain visibility but nothing beats traditional offline marketing. So let us have a look at how to use offline marketing in promoting your online business.

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing in its own words is marketing that includes everything sans the internet. Offline marketing strategies utilize the traditional means of publicising your business and brand, to help increase the reach and maximum audience range.

This kind of marketing is useful in publicizing your product at the local level as well as global. And thereby, increasing the popularity of your brand and also helps in revenue generation.

Benefits of Offline Marketing

  1. With offline marketing targeting, audiences of a specific region is easy. This is extremely useful if you have a local audience base or you wish for it to grow.
  2. Offline marketing is more often real and solid, thus giving your customers a chance and experience to interact with your company and products closely.
  3. Many customers filter promotional business emails to their spam folder, with offline marketing they are more receptive to take a look at your message.

5 Ways to Boost your Business

Having seen some of the benefits of offline marketing, let us see how can you can use it effectively to boost your web pro business,

  1. Printing Advertisements at Events:
    Advertisements and billboards have always been known to attract people. Not only are they impressive and catchy but the right words can help capture the right kind of audience. Distributing flyer and posting banners can help in retaining the attention of people, as text with pictures has the ability to be ingrained in the reader’s mind. As a web pro billboards can be a great way of showing your design styles to engage customers and also placing your contact details. While this might be on the expensive side, you can still count on it the chances of people going through the advertisements is greater than reading innumerable promotional emails.
  2. Attend and Speak at Conferences:
    Communication is of utmost importance and a sure shot way to interact and address a large audience. And conferences are the means that can help bridge the gap between you and your customer. Develop your talk on any current interesting topic and can deliver it with links concerning your business and the role of the customer – how they would benefit with employing your services. Developing the right talk is very important as it would reflect and impact your business.
  3. Publicize by helping in Local Organizations:
    Although publicity is nothing like marketing your business it attracts potential customers. Publicizing your business in local organizations is one of the most trusted ways to market and building a brand name. As helping people and communities as a part of non-profit initiative develops trust in the business as a whole, as there is more visibility. One way of doing this is volunteering and setting up a website for the cause. This way not only does the event gets promotion but your web pro business also gets an exposure and a wider audience reach.
  4. Direct Mail Drives:
    Direct Mail advertising campaigns are more likely to increase customer’s receptiveness to your business. According to a research by DMA (Direct Marketing Association), Direct mail generates a response rate of 4.4% and around 79% consumers act on direct mail immediately as opposed to emails that is just 45%. Thus, direct mail leaves a more lasting impression on the customer if created and distributed properly.
  5. Customer Giveaways:
    Giving customers a customized giveaway is a great way to publicize your business indirectly. Say, for example, you give customers a customized T-shirt or any other merchandise then it acts a natural publicity and marketing agent. Apart from that, you can hold contests to attract more customers and give small customized tokens as part of participation. These motivate customers and you might also get an online promotion if the customer writes a blog or posts about it on social media.

Overall the performance and progress of your business depend on how well you market your business. As always plan and then execute, as planning adds to the credibility of your business and helps in gaining more traffic.

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