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Did you know that with a .STORE domain name you can boost traffic to your online store and build a higher recall for your brand? You probably never thought of it that way but in the next 5 minutes you will learn not one or two but five diverse ways in which you can get more customers for your online business. Let’s jump right in!

Let’s say you already have a great online store with a website name that you love, and you don’t want to make the switch to a new domain. Even then, you can make smart use of your .STORE domain and boost your sales through domain redirects to your inner pages.

What is a Domain Redirect? 

Have you ever come across links that looks like this?


This, what you see, is a deep-link to Amazon’s Kindle store. The problem with such a link is that it’s complicated, impossible to remember and prone to mistakes when one is backlinking to it. Now, consider the domain www.kindle.store. It’s a short, memorable domain that redirects to Amazon’s Kindle page. Such domain redirects are valuable in driving more traffic to your website. Here are 5 unique ways in which you can make the most of domain redirects:

  1. Promotions

An effective way for you to drive more traffic to your website is by publicizing your promotions page. What this means is that you create a permanent page on your website that lists all the active offers and promos at any given point. Your .STORE domain name can be used to brand this page such as:

  • store
  • store/offers
  • store/promos
  • store/christmas

Now, all you must do is keep publicizing this page in your marketing and communication. Such deep-links are simple and easy to remember. Your customers will keep coming back to them just to check what your latest promos are. This is way easier than them trying to navigate through your website to check all the promos.

  1. Product Launches

A new product launch deserves extra attention! This is another opportunity for you to drive more traffic to your website by simply creating a .STORE domain redirect for the new product page. For example, if you are launching a new brand of designer wear for women, an inner page on your website might cool like this:


This is hard for your customers to remember, obviously. The way out? Perhaps you can create a domain redirect that looks like this:

  • store/victoriabeckham
  • store/vb

The users can easily remember such links and land directly on your new page. You can also use this links on images on social media to build a higher brand recall.

  1. Offline Marketing

It’s quite difficult to promote a page or product category in offline marketing. For example, consider this link which takes you to Formula One’s official store page: f1store.formula1.com/stores/f1/EN

The link is complicated as it is and for anyone to remember it from a hoarding or a poster will be challenging. However, www.f1.store solves that problem. By using a .STORE domain redirect in your offline marketing, you will not lose out on your customers who find long, awkward links too cumbersome to engage with.

  1. Branded URL Shorteners

Did you know that every link that you share online can be branded with your store’s name? Basically, you buy a .STORE domain name and use it as a custom URL shortener. Instead of sharing URLs like https://goo.gl/RMT7iD and http://bit.ly/2hz3c4mM, you can brand them to look like daily.store/abc. These custom branded links are pronounceable and memorable. They also reinforce your brand in every link your share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram bio, LinkedIn, email marketing and everywhere else too! The result? Higher brand recall for your brand. This means, the more your customers see your brand name, the more likely they are to trust it and engage with. Check out this post on Facebook by www.alikestore.com to understand this better.

  1. Backlinks and SEO

This is an important one. When you are looking for backlinks to your inner pages for improving your organic search rank, keep in mind that ‘anchor text’ and ‘deep-link’ are crucial. That is to say, if your link is www.kindle.store and if you link it to anchor text ‘kindle store’, it will give a positive signal to the search engines about the authenticity of this link. It is recommended that you always use a 301 Permanent Redirect for this to work in your favor. The more backlinks you get in this way, the better it is for your organic search ranking.

There you have it! Five unique ways in which you can drive more traffic and build a more memorable brand with a .STORE domain name.



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