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If you are thinking about who could be your potential target audience by purchasing and hosting reseller plans, this article will help you immensely. First of all, well done in deciding that you want to be a business that helps people to get a website. But who are these people you want to make your customers? And how do you know what their needs are and how long they will stay with you? Is there a way to figure it out? Definitely, there is. 

Over the years, the number of websites has been growing with the advent of new businesses, brands, and the ecosystem around it. According to a report by Grandview Research, web hosting services as a business is touted to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% from 2020 to 2027, especially because of the rise in new business. This is great news for the web hosting industry including those who want to get into the reseller hosting business. 

To do business in an industry that is on the rise, it becomes imperative to choose, select, and target which segment or niche to cater to and how. If you have a proper marketing and target market strategy in place, it will just get a lot easier for you to do business with these customers. More than that the choice and target market’s selection will be your guiding light in taking your business ahead and bringing your business goals to fruition. 

Here are the top 5 niches to use as a target audience for reseller hosting business

1. Web developers

This is a community that has a vested interest in the hosting industry. They understand the world of websites and also the business requirements of clients. With such understanding as strengths, they can surely leverage their capabilities and become resellers themselves. This is why they become a great target market that can potentially buy reseller hosting. 

Additionally. Web developers have technical knowledge and expertise which is only limited to the development side of a website. But by becoming resellers, or by selling them hosting for their clients, you can provide reseller hosting plans to this category since they have access to multiple consumers who want to get a website. 

With your advertising and marketing, you can have web developers as a part of your target audience and have a fully customized marketing plan for them. By tapping into their online behaviour and buying behaviourr, you can have web developers as one of your top target segments as customers.

2. Startups and SMBs

With more businesses moving online, new and existing, startups and the SMB segment can be a fantastic segment for reseller hosting providers. This segment needs websites like a business needs investment.  

In today’s day and age, a website is not just an identity for a business but also a source of monetary transactions. With a website, customers feel that a business is legitimate and the trust symbols on the website like DCMA, security certificates like SSL, add more to their conviction and hence websites become a source of validation. 

Startups and SMBs understand this notion and hence want a website to display their brand. Many businesses were hit hard only because they did not have a website or an online presence because of COVID. But the ones who were present did not suffer as much. This has made websites even more important for this segment. 

3. E-Commerce companies 

Ecommerce is here for good especially with platforms becoming e-commerce friendly. For these players in the market, their daily bread and butter run on website transactions. Sales are happening only and only through their e-commerce website and in such a situation, the website needs to be strong and sturdy. This demand makes total sense to make e-commerce businesses a target market for your reseller hosting business. Many new players prefer WordPress and hosting which is complementary to the platform. According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) e-commerce business as an industry is touted to grow to approx USD 110 billion by 2025. So, this makes it even more apparent for anyone in the reseller hosting business to grab a piece of the e-commerce business market. 

4. Digital marketing agencies

In recent years, agency competition has increased dramatically and we expect this to continue for the next 3-5 years. This increased competition is largely due to several important changes in the industry. The first is for brands to add marketing talent and develop their own internal skills. This weighs on the agency’s revenue as many services become redundant. The second is companies accepting project-based billing than only retainer billing. These factors and more have led to an estimate of the agency market rising by at least 25-30%

With digital marketing agencies as your target, there is an opportunity to scale your reseller hosting business to a level and pinnacle you can never even imagine. Many agencies acquire new startups as their clients who are ready to spend a lot on their website and this is an opportunity for anyone in the hosting business to impress them with credentials and service. If you as a reseller can foray into the market, you will definitely be one step ahead of your competition. 

5. Affiliate marketers and Bloggers

From the entire web hosting, marketing, and internet landscape, bloggers and affiliates are that entity that promotes many brands and businesses through their websites as a channel. According to Mediakix, 81% of the brands worldwide rely on affiliate marketing and bloggers to reach a target audience and a niche they want.

These eye-rattling numbers tell only one story, that affiliate marketing and affiliates and bloggers are here to stay and if you are not tapping them as your customers, you are losing out big time. Many affiliate websites today that are up and coming include reviews, comparisons, cashback, niche targeted websites, etc. These websites monetize with commissions paid by brands and keeping their website up and running is critical for their profitability. Hence, affiliates and bloggers are one target audience you must target if you are running a reseller hosting business. 

As we close

We would also like to add the likes of YouTubers, Social Media Influencers, and Graphic designers who use third-party platforms to engage with their audiences and bring them to their website to do business. But these can be low-hanging fruits you can target later after you target the ones that are mentioned in this article. 

With this, we would like to end by saying that the reseller hosting business like any other business needs an in-depth market research and along with the aforementioned segments, there are some more that you can stumble upon as you find your niche. Though it won’t be an easy journey it will be well worth it if you can put your head and soul into it. Hoping that you have enjoyed this article. 

If you have any comments or feedback for us, please share them in the section below. 

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