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The reseller market became popular about ten years ago when shared and dedicated hosting were the only two options. Most deployers of hosting were selling shared or dedicated servers who needed a website and saw that a lot of server space was getting wasted because many a time, the servers were oversold. That’s when server spaces were resold and reseller hosting started gathering momentum and gained popularity among web designers, design studios, web devs, and entrepreneurs. With hosting providers facilitating reseller web hosting to these segments, reseller hosting as a service picked up, mainly because the investments into this as a business were not very high. This took care of the entry barrier in the web hosting industry for anyone who was willing to try their luck with the business.

This was just one benefit for the resellers while starting a web hosting company. As the hosting providers witnessed more and more entrants into the business, especially the reselling market, many factors like privacy, storage, performance, etc. were taken care of to meet the rising and competitive demands of customers and resellers alike. And this was just the beginning.

With this article, we seek to emphasize the many benefits resellers can make the most of while starting their own web hosting company. We will also shed light on the dos and don’ts as and when you are starting on this journey of becoming resellers. So, if you are up for it, please grab a pen and start taking notes.

How does a reseller benefit while starting a web hosting company?
Many resellers ask this when they are just about to start out and the answer to this is simple- any reseller would buy the hosting service first from a parent provider and then resell it at a marked up price to their end consumer. Once the reseller gets a reseller account, the reseller can add many services such as domain reselling, hosting reselling, and bundle the services to give it to customers at a price that can make the reseller a really good profit.

But these are monetary benefits for a reseller that come from a business angle. To drive the business comfortably, there are several other benefits of reseller hosting that need to be mentioned. Like these-

  1. cPanel, WHMCS, and Softaculous
    When you purchase a reseller web hosting package, managing and controlling the website of customers is necessary. For which, cPanel, an interface that helps you do so provides you with many benefits. With cPanel, you can migrate the data from one hosting company to another without any problem. It also helps you auto-detect and monitor the services if any service fails and send an alert via email to the server admin. It also has software called Softaculous which helps you download scripts of various applications like WordPress, Magento, etc.

Another key aspect of managing as a reseller is the billing mechanism WHMCS. It comes with a built-in help desk so that you have a central place to manage your clients and you don’t need to login to multiple systems to handle all operations in your company. Moreover, you can also start an affiliate program for your clients as well and allow them to get money by referring your services to their friends.

  1. Fully managed service
    You don’t have to worry about managing the website all by yourself. The hosting provider has a managed service that takes care of the back end of the website. Anything that has to do with security or handling server maintenance can be done by the hosting provider. The biggest advantage to any reseller that is starting a web hosting company is that the maintenance costs for fully managed services are low and that they get the advice of proven industry experts.
  2. No contracts or binding with the provider
    As a reseller you are not obliged to a contract, nor do you have a lock-in period with the provider. You are free to sign up and free to cancel anytime you want. Similarly, you can also upgrade, or even downgrade your plan whenever necessary.
  3. Benefits web devs and designers and small businesses
    One of the most important aspects of reseller hosting is that it has benefitted web developers, designers, and small businesses in the hosting industry the most. The reason being these professionals, who often work around the website’s ecosystem get asked about hosting problems and hosting a new website or the ways and means of getting one. Hence, if you are into any of these professions, becoming a reseller is an added advantage from client retention and profitability point of view. Once you understand how reseller hosting or reselling any hosting product works, you have a larger opportunity at hand.
  4. Flexibility with control panels
    Apart from cPanel, reseller hosting plans also come with windows servers that use Plesk panels. Every account has its own individual Plesk account and can be used easily. Apart from its high level of compatibility, it also has a variety of admin tools and one can automate and manage to host easily.

Any reseller would be able to benefit from these aspects once they sign up and start their own web hosting company. But there are a few more points which can help you benefit as a reseller. Just ensure that you also take these into consideration-

Adding a trust seal to the footer of your website- Will allow you to gain the trust of your customers. You should put a seal of trust for e.g. PayPal or McAfee or some such to show that you are doing business in an ethical way. This indirectly is responsible for improving transactions through your site.
Installing an SSL certificate- This is an extension to what we explained in the previous point. You will see that any website that has an SSL installed is a secure website and that is a mark of a website that believes in protecting the website journey of users. Security is a key part of a reseller’s web hosting business or startup. So, ensure that you have SSL in place.
24/7 support- Your hosting provider needs to be great at this because this will decide many things from a customer satisfaction point of view. Being resourceful does not end at just being a good reseller but also attending to the grievances of your customers. So, with 24/7 support for customers, you can benefit in the long run and be known as a reseller who loves their customers.

In this way, any reseller who is looking to start his web hosting company can benefit and also ensure that they can give their customers a fantastic experience. Finally what we would like to conclude with is this- don’t take your business as just a means of earning more money but actually serving the purpose of many others like you who want to be online with a website and do business or talk about the things they feel like to their audience through a blog or some such. We hope that you have understood how resellers can benefit from a company hosting reseller plans. If you have any doubts or queries, please share the same with us in the comments and feedback section below. We will try to answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

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