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Be it a small online business or a large enterprise, security is of utmost importance. Just like in the physical world security codes, access cards, etc. are in place so that no authorized entity can enter the premises similarly in the online world it is imperative that website servers be protected from cyber attacks. 

Irrespective of the web server you may choose for your website there is always a threat that can compromise the security of your website. Although if you’ve chosen Dedicated Server as your website’s hosting server then the chances of security and data breaches is minimal owing to the fact that only a single website is hosted on a single server. However, it is important that you improve your security so that your website’s data is not compromised. 

Here are 4 practices that can help strengthen the security of your Dedicated Server:

  1. Take regular backups

Your website data is of utmost importance, especially if you’re a business website dealing with customers. If at all your website is under a cyber attack you may lose your website’s data at such a time, a backup would come in handy. Taking regular backups can ensure that your website doesn’t suffer losses due to extended downtime, and can be restored efficiently. 

Although some hosting companies offer backup policies to be on the safe side it is crucial that you install a software of your choice. Codeguard is one of the most popular cloud-based data backup tools that allows you to automatically schedule your backups and restore them whenever required. 

  1. Install an SSL certificate 

Even though your website is the sole website running on your Dedicated Server, installing an SSL certificate helps encrypt your website’s communication channel. Moreover, an SSL certificate also adds credibility to your website, allowing your customers to know that their data is safely guarded. 

Most web hosting solutions come with a pre-installed SSL certificate, if not, you can install it with minimal cost. Once your website is SSL certified, it is automatically secured with an HTTPS, which also helps your website rank better in the Google search engine. 

  1. Update software regularly 

With Dedicated Server you get full root access to your server and resources, this also includes all the plugins and software that are installed on your server. Irrespective of the number of tools installed, make sure to update each of them regularly. Software tools that haven’t been updated in a while can prove to be a threat and increase the chances of security breaches. 

Furthermore, if the software hasn’t been updated by the vendor in a while it may be worth considering a replacement.  

  1. Log in on trusted networks

A simple and effective method to ensure the security of your Dedicated Server is by logging only through trusted networks. This network could be your home/office WiFi or a LAN connection. Another way to add a security layer is to ensure that anyone outside your trusted network can only login if they are connected to your business’s VPN. 

Logging in using trusted networks minimizes the risk of a data or security attack that can make your login page vulnerable. 

Strengthen your server and build trust 

Although you may have the right security measures in place to protect your Dedicated Server, you might still end up being a victim of a cyberattack. At times like these it is important that your web hosting provider is trustworthy. A good web hosting provider adds an additional layer of security to your Dedicated Server to protect your website’s server. 

Resellerclub’s Dedicated Server is powered by world-class technology that helps ensure website speed, high-performance, data protection, and reliability. Moreover, our customer service is available 24/7 viz chat, email, and phone to monitor and manage your server and its needs. 

So, get ready to grow your business by strengthening the security of your Dedicated Server and building customer trust. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Head to our Servers Blogs category for more information on different types of servers, tips to maximise server performance and more. 

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