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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world we live in and affecting every area of our lives. It eliminates email SPAM. It knows what we want to watch on Netflix. It can also predict health concerns we may have in the future so that we can take steps to prevent them.

Moving further, AI is changing the landscape for our careers. There are very few industries that are not currently disrupted by AI in one way or another. From healthcare to security to the financial industry, Artificial Intelligence solutions are making people’s jobs easier and, in some cases, eliminating them altogether. Of course, this technology can never truly replace all human capabilities in any profession, but it is changing the way we work.

Marketing is certainly one of the industries in which AI is making an impact. Here are 3 ways AI is changing traditional marketing, and how understanding it can help you not only keep your job but thrive at it like you never have before.

  1. AI is making sense of all the Big Data
    We are living in the age of Big Data. We know more about people, their habits, their personalities and everything else than we’ve ever known in history. But having all of this data is absolutely useless if we don’t do anything with it. Of course, before we can take any type of action, we have to understand the data.Machine-learning driven analytics programs are organizing, analyzing, and really pinpointing the actual value of information. This helps marketers make well-informed, real-time decisions that can have a huge impact on their company’s bottom line. What used to take marketers enormous amounts of time to pore over spreadsheets, hosts user-groups, and perform lengthy customer surveys, can now be done in mere seconds.

    Knowledge without action doesn’t get you anywhere in the world of sales and marketing. Artificial Intelligence is not only giving marketers a 360-degree view of their target audience and customer, it’s providing them with a pseudo-psychological analysis and basic neurological scan of their behaviour, preferences, and overall personality when it comes to buying.

  2. AI is automating routine tasks
    AI frees up marketers’ time to focus on creative and critical thinking. Things like manually inputting data into complicated spreadsheets, creating detailed charts and analysis, and even developing email and social media marketing strategies have all been made easier and less time-consuming thanks to Artificial Intelligence and automation.Marketers can now spend more time learning new technologies and attending conferences and events to further their knowledge and stay up to date on new trends. And the only way to have any true staying power in the AI world is to stay ahead of the technology and learn how to work with it as opposed to being eliminated by it.

    AI-based automation gives today’s marketers the ability to truly connect with their customers. By focusing on things such as in-person events, social media interaction, and providing world-class customer support, a company will experience less customer churn while increasing lifetime brand loyalists.

  3. AI is helping marketers connect with their audience
    Consumers are making it very easy for companies to sell to them. They are saving all of their preferences in every app they use and every time they buy something online. They’re reaping the rewards of Artificial Intelligence themselves by allowing this stored information to suggest products they will love.While AI technology certainly makes consumers’ lives easier, it helps marketers even more. Marketing managers are using everything from AI-enhanced chatbots to “smart” email campaigns to automated content generation.

    For example, Sephora developed an AI-powered chatbot named “Kik” to capitalize on prom season. Kik provided styling tips and customized content to help teenage Sephora shoppers get their perfect prom looks.

    Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence engine provides predictive scoring models that can determine how likely it is that a targeted lead will engage with a particular email. It also allows for the segmentation of audiences in order to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

    Curata is an AI-enhanced solution that is currently helping companies such as Cisco, J.P. Morgan, Symantec and Zendesk locate, curate and distribute targeted content. By utilizing natural language processing and machine learning tactics, Curata is able to discover, summarize, edit, publish and promote relevant information.

    Other marketing solutions, such as Marketo and HubSpot, are also using AI to not only automate routine tasks but also to create more personalized and relevant messaging by analyzing customer behaviour.


Artificial Intelligence will never be able to replace true human interaction, and nothing makes customers more loyal to a company than feeling like they have a real relationship and that the company truly cares about them. That being said, AI also has the power to help improve and nurture these relationships rather than distract from them.

More changes are sure to come as the technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Learning about AI as it relates to your specific marketing role is the key to your future success as a marketer.

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